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Maverick Big Red cover
Submitted by thanos on Thu, 10/27/2016 - 23:34 / Reviews - Comments

Maverick - Big Red

Maverick is a fairly new band from the UK, which was formed in 2012, and this is their second full-length release. The guys are true to the hard rock roots of both the UK & US… and they are skilled enough to deliver the goods. I remember listening to their debut almost 2 years ago but now they guys are back with an even more mature and rockin’...
Hardline Human Nature cover
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Hardline - Human Nature

Hardline used to be a bit of a sunset strip sensation featuring the Gioeli brothers Johnny (vocals) and Joey (guitar) that turned into a supergroup when former Bad English/Journey members Neal Schon and Deen Castronovo joined, only to be resurrected as a bit of a project of John Gioeli with Josh Ramos (The Storm) and the usual suspects from Frontiers –...
Dee Snider We Are the Ones
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Dee Snider - We Are the Ones

Funnily enough Dee Snider professed that he as well as the other members of Twisted Sister didn’t have any time to record any new material together… but on the heels of Twisted Sister’s “40 and f@#k it”, farewell tour, he seemingly releases a “new” solo album. Now, I like Dee’s voice and everything, but his solo...
Well-Known Strangers Aligned cover
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Well-Known Strangers releases new single “Splinter” - debut full-length album “Splinter” out in January 2017

Racine, Wisconsin Adult Album Alternative band Well-Known Strangers is back with a brand new single “Splinter” off of their upcoming album “Aligned” due out on January 20th, 2017. “Splinter”, is now being added to the rotation of several radio stations throughout the country. In addition, the band has released a handful of dates...
Cruzh cover
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Cruzh - Cruzh

Cruzh were born from the ashes of TrashQueen, in which both Anton Joensson (guitar) and Dennis Butabi Borg (bass) used to play. Right after, the vocalist Tony Andersson, who has also worked as a studio musician on the never released TrashQueen record, came. The band is officially a trio although the drums were recorded by Louisian Boltner. Moreover, a bunch of...
Sergeant Steel Winter Wonderland single cover
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Sergeant Steel reveals the title and the cover artwork of their new single

The title of Sergeant Steel’s upcoming single is “Winter Wonderland”. The cover-version of the world-renowned winter/Christmas-classic was produced by Michael Wagener (Ozzy, Metallica, Skid Row, etc.). Vienna/Austria – Sergeant Steel’s version of “Winter Wonderland” was recorded by multi-platinum rock producer Michael...
DangerAngel band pic
Submitted by newseditor on Fri, 10/14/2016 - 18:05 / News - Comments

DangerAngel releases new video for “To Kill A Saint”

To celebrate the official release of their new, third album “All The King’s Horses” via MelodicRock Records, DangerAngel release the video for “To Kill A Saint”. Watch the new video below. “To Kill A Saint” is inspired by the classic TV show of the 60s, “The SainT” starring Sir Roger Moore and this song pays...
Vicolo Inferno Stray Ideals cover
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Vicolo Inferno to release new album “Stray Ideals” on November 11th 2016

The new album by the Italian hard rockers Vicolo Inferno, called “Stray Ideals”, will see the light of the day on November 11th, 2016 through Logic Il Logic Records. “Just like in our debut "Hourglass", in this new chapter contents and songwriting haven't just one direction”, says frontman Igor... “I think we have made a...
Heartbanger Through the Dark cover
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Heartbanger - Through the Dark

With a name like that I didn’t really know what to expect, but my initial hunch, that this was gonna be particularly melodic, wasn’t far off. Heartbanger is a melodic Spanish quartet and as much as I tried to think of any or many great Spanish melodic bands I only could come up with a few, which were more hard rock oriented too ie Sangre Azul, 91 Suite...
The Neal Morse Band Alive Again cover
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The Neal Morse Band - Alive Again

Neal Morse used to be in prog darling Spock’s Beard and also in the highly regarded super-prog formation Transatlantic. Following an epiphany or something the already religious Morse was re-born again as a “christian”, leaving the band he was in and embarking on a solo career, with a bunch of rather tiresome, quite acoustic oriented albums and...