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Paradise Lost studio pic
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Paradise Lost announces new studio album “Medusa”

At this moment, iconic UK metallers, Paradise Lost, are putting the final touches to their upcoming album, recorded at Orgone Studios in the misty countryside of Woburn, England. Together with producer Jaime Gomez Arellano, they have forged the follow-up to their highly acclaimed release “The Plague Within” (2015), which brought them a step closer to...
Frank Caruso Kaleidoscope Vol II cover
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Frank Caruso - Kaleidoscope Vol II

It’s been about 10 years since the release of the solo debut album, entitled “Kaleidoscope”, by the Italian virtuoso Frank Caruso. In the meantime, he was involved with a couple of projects and he also cooperated with famed musicians like Mark Boals (Malmsteen), Mark Lepond (Symphony X) & John Macaluso (Malmsteen).   In 2016, Frank met...
Eclipse Monumentum cover
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Eclipse - Monumentum

Swedish melodic rockers Eclipse are lucky enough pulling a series of consecutive rabbits out of their collective hats, with main-man Erik Mårtensson having both matured into an in demand producer as well as a bonafide rockstar/performer, from let’s say humbler beginnings and from being a rather shy and good by not great performer.   The man also...
Hidden Lapse Redemption cover
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Hidden Lapse to release debut album “Redemption” on June 2nd 2017

Rockshots Music proudly welcomes the melodic prog metal band Hidden Lapse in its artist roster! Rockshots will take care of the new album release and management activities. Hidden Lapse is a melodic metal band hailing from Italy, deeply influenced by the progressive metal scene as well as the modern and alternative metal. The power trio line-up, featuring...
Ancestral Dawn Souldance cover
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Ancestral Dawn - Souldance

Ancestral Dawn is a metal project that was formed in 2013 by bassist & author Jorge Higginson (ex-Nautiluz). Jorge brought the famed Nautiluz vocalist Jorge Segersbol and the manager Mark Astorga along. Later, the band was joined by the guitarist Josue Castro, keyboardist Bryan Bello and drummer Devadip Chunga. Judging by the members’ names, one can say...
Timo Tolkki pic
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Timo Tolkki

Timo hello and congrats on your return to the stage!   T: Thank you! Actually looking forward to this!     What prompted you to want to do this “best of” tour now?   T: Well it was the 20th anniversary of Visions and I was looking back at all I have done in the past, I‘ve spend about half of my adult life doing this and...
Deep Purple inFinite cover
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Deep Purple - inFinite

Deep Purple… a legendary band that has gone on for many years and has been through ups and downs changing many members through the years. In truth, since the “Perfect Strangers” reunion the band has really lost its way largely, with the only brilliant album, being the often reviled “Slaves and Masters” that a lot of “metal-heads...
Galderia band pic
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Galderia signs to Massacre Records & announces new album “Return of the Cosmic Men”

The French power metal outfit Galderia has signed with Massacre Records! Galderia - consisting of vocalist/guitarist Seb, lead guitarist Tom, bassist Bob, drummer J.C and Julien on keyboard - have already released numerous demos, an EP and an album since their formation in autumn 2006. Fans of melodic and powerful metal with a strong emphasis on choir harmonies...
Sinner Tequila Suicide cover
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Sinner - Tequila Suicide

Ha, with nearly 20 releases and a bunch of compilations out there, going on since the very early 80s, Sinner have certainly paid their dues and are due some respect, because of being at it for so long through the ups and downs, but they were never “legendary”, despite the occasional good albums and they had they fair share of flops. It’s even...
Rock Goddess It’s More Than Rock and Roll EP cover
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Rock Goddess to release new EP “It’s More Than Rock and Roll” on May 19th 2017

Legendary London trio Rock Goddess return with a brand new 3 song EP entitled “It's More Than Rock and Roll”, which is set to be released on May 19th, 2017. Digital distribution via Cargo Records and physical CDs, with a 4 page booklet in a jewel case by Rock Goddess directly. The first 500 copies will be signed and numbered. Well, it's only...