melancholic metal

Evergrey live in Athens 2019

I was able to walk into the club, midway through Crossing Eternity’s short set. The Swedish/Romanian combo forms a rather decent prog power band, with cool ideas and more than adequate chops. Their vocalist Berti is not your typical wimpy tenor, spitting his guts out, but has a rather pleasant baritone that he utilizes well, within the band’s melodic compositions. Definitely worth checking out.

SundaySong release music video for new single “Firechild”

Finnish atmospheric group SundaySong has released their second single “Firechild” from upcoming album ”Signals”.
”Signals” has considerably darker atmosphere than the previous album and the release process has been filled with unfortunate delays. Now however we can expect the new album to be released in early autumn 2019.

Achiote release new video for “Loneliness of Endless Days”

The second single from the previous Achiote album “Loneliness of Endless Days” carries the same name and comes up with a mystical video shot in the Finnish winter wilderness.

“Loneliness of Endless Days” is a story of longing. It’s filled with sadness and leaving things behind, but it also has a hint of new hope in the horizon.

Watch the music video for “Loneliness of Endless Days” below.