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Philm Fire from the Evening Sun cover
Submitted by rockavlon on Mon, 10/06/2014 - 00:46 / Reviews - Comments

Philm - Fire from the Evening Sun

Philm are a trio that have made somewhat of a name, because their drummer happens to be ex-Slayer’s skinsman Dave Lombardo.   Their first release “Harmonic” was anything but what it’s titled suggested, a godamn awful and extremely unlistenable effort and while “Fire from the Evening Sun” does manage to create a far more...
Philm Harmonic cover
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Philm - Harmonic

I’m quite sure that not many people/fans would have dealt with the band… if it wasn’t for Dave Lombardo (Slayer). Certainly, when a member of a well-known band and especially a great drummer like Dave is participating in a music project then it’s inevitable not to listen to it. Parts in crime along with Dave are singer/guitarist Gerry...