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Eddie Manion Nightlife cover
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Eddie Manion to release “Nightlife” on November 17th 2015

Saxophonist Eddie Manion’s recording and touring work over the last ten years has been largely centered around his lifelong relationship with recording and touring artist Bruce Springsteen. Eddie Manion was a member of Springsteen’s Seeger Sessions band in 2005 recording the historic studio album "We Shall Overcome" and subsequent live album...
Ramon Ortiz Portal cover
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Ramon Ortiz - Portal

Ramon Ortiz is a guitar virtuoso who comes from San Juan, Puerto Rico. During the 90s he formed the band Puya and later, in early 00s, he also formed Ankla. In 2012, Ramon released his first solo album entitled “Ortiz”.   It’s true that Ramon is a gifted guitarist that blends various music styles, such as fusion, jazz, metal, rock &...
John Jorgenson Divertuoso cover
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John Jorgenson to release “Divertuoso” on October 16th 2015

Much to the excitement of guitar players and musicians worldwide, John Jorgenson will release “Divertuoso”, a limited edition, 3-CD box set of three separate, all-new full-length albums featuring three of Jorgenson's band configurations (gypsy jazz, bluegrass and electric) via Cleopatra Records on October 16th, 2015. Jorgenson's career has been...
Stephen Duros pic
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Stephen Duros

Hi Stephen… first of all, congrats on “AEAEA”. It’s a really intriguing and stimulating album on the whole.   S: Thank you so much! I appreciate your thoughts on the record.     Do tell us… how did you decide to deal with “Odyssey” on your new album and what’s the main thing that inspired you to...
Joe Satriani Shockwave Supernova cover
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Joe Satriani - Shockwave Supernova

Joe Satriani returns, two years after “Unstoppable Momentum”, with his 15th solo album entitled “Shockwave Supernova”. On this album, Joe has the keyboardist & guitarist Mike Keneally, the drummer Marco Minnemann and the bassist Bryan Beller by his side. These guys have also been part in Joe’s global tour.   “Shockwave...
Stephen Duros AEAEA cover
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Stephen Duros - AEAEA

Stephen Duros is a Greek-American flamenco guitarist. “AEAEA” is his new release (4th full-length), which deals with the mythological island, by the same name, found in the Greek poem “The Odyssey”. Stephen said that the album isn’t about that island per se but it’s mostly like a great starting point for his journey. I couldn...
XaDu Random Abstract cover
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XaDu - Random Abstract

XaDu is a new music project between the gifted drummer Xavi Reija and the skilled guitarist Dusan Jeftovic. Those two guys have also cooperated in the past in Xavi’s solo album “Resolution” in 2014. That album gave the two musicians the chance to get to know each other and continue working under their own moniker called XaDu (a combination of...
Ligro Dictionary 3 cover
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Ligro - Dictionary 3

Almost three years after “Dictionary 2”, Ligro, the Indonesian “crazy” trio, is back with “Dictionary 3”. I have presented the band on the previous album review so anyone interested in their story shall check the “Dictionary 2” review.   I think there are no secrets here. Whether you like this “weird...
Larry Coryell Aurora Coryellis cover
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Larry Coryell to release “Aurora Coryellis” on July 24th 2015

One of the most respected and celebrated jazz fusion guitarists of his generation, Larry Coryell presents a brand new triple disc box set of unreleased live performances. Titled “Aurora Coryellis”, this captivating collection highlights Coryell's prodigious talents in a multitude of settings, from a full band performance in 1972 at the Jazz Wokshop...
Dewa band pic
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Dewa Budjana

Hi Dewa, it’s nice talking to you after all this time. Congrats on your new album “Hasta Karma”… it’s really magnificent.   D: Thanks, I appreciate the opportunity, the pleasure is all mine. It is an honor to be interviewed by someone from Greece.     First of all, tell us... why do you choose to record each new...