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Shining band pic
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Shining records live concert on perilous Norwegian Mountain Top

This Sunday, June 21st, on the solstice and longest day of the year, Norwegian Blackjazz collective Shining played the world’s first concert on a narrow mountain ledge 700 metres above the ground. The band flew up a PA system and a power generator, and blasted their patented Blackjazz music to a group of 300 fans and mountain hikers who had made the daunting...
Fear Factory Genexus cover
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Fear Factory to release “Genexus” on August 7th 2015

The pioneers of industrial-tinged extreme metal, Fear Factory, will release their 9th studio album and Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut, entitled “Genexus” on August 7th, 2015 worldwide. “Genexus” was produced by vocalist Burton C. Bell and guitarist Dino Cazares, and co-produced by long-time collaborator Rhys Fulber. The album was mixed...
Fear Factory tour 2015 poster
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Fear Factory announces tour 2015 with Coal Chamber

The pioneers of industrial-tinged extreme metal, Fear Factory, will hit the road this July in anticipation of their upcoming Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut. “We are beyond excited and honored to be touring with our great friends in Coal Chamber”, states the group. “It's been years since both bands have shared the same stage together. It...
In This Moment Black Widow cover
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In This Moment - Black Widow

I’m very glad that I finally came upon the “worst album” of 2014! At last! Yeah I know that various weak and unbearable albums were released in 2014, but I think that none can reach this album’s level of shitload!   I know that In This Moment have always been a “weird” modern extreme, metalcore, industrial, alternative,...
Dunderbeist Hyklere cover
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Dunderbeist to release “Hyklere” on March 2nd 2015

The new Dunderbeist album is finally done; it has taken the hard-hitting Norwegian quintet two years of blood, sweat and tears. The result is exceptionally complex in its simplicity, still keeping their snappy hooks and tongue in cheek humor. The new album “Hyklere” (Eng.: Hypocrites) presents you a ripened Dunderbeist sound, a dive into the darker...
Ventenner Distorture cover
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Ventenner - Distorture

“Distorture” is the sort of record you have to listen to a few times in order to appreciate it properly. Most people consider Ventenner as a substitute of Nine Inch Nails; after this album I have to say that they’re more like a crossover between NIN and Mogwai.   “Rise”, the track which serves as the introduction of the album is...
Mushroomhead band pic
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Hey Jeffrey… so glad to have you on Grande Rock dude…   J: Thanxx, happy to be here!     So first things first. This album marks J Mann’s return after a 10-year absence. How was that accomplished and do you think that now was the best time for both parties?   J: It was a longtime coming. We had done a few dates on and...
Mushroomhead The Righteous & the Butterfly cover
Submitted by thanos on Fri, 08/29/2014 - 00:43 / Reviews - Comments

Mushroomhead - The Righteous & the Butterfly

This must have been a highly anticipated album for all the band’s devotees. You see this is the first album, after a decade which features vocalist Jason “J Mann” Popson, and also the first album without Pig Benis on bass, Gravy on guitar and Li’l Dan on percussion. The newcomers are: Dr. F on bass, Church on guitar & Roberto Diablo on...
Deathstars The Perfect Cult cover
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Deathstars - The Perfect Cult

“Night Electric Night” is a part of the past now as Deathstars have released their fourth full-length studio album entitled “The Perfect Cult”. Gothic, industrial metal had never been my cup of tea and it was with resignation that I agreed to listen to it and a write a review (the editor in chief virtually extorted a promise out of me, you...
The Defiled UK tour dates 2014 poster
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The Defiled announces European & UK tour dates 2014

Having already hit the UK, Australia and the US this year, London metallers The Defiled will embark on their first full European tour of 2014 in November. Appearing as special guests to Avatar, the tour takes in eleven countries across 19 shows, including the band’s first show in the Czech Republic.    “We just love to play”, states...