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Rex Brown Smoke on This cover
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Rex Brown to release debut solo album “Smoke on This...” on July 28th 2017

Rex Brown will release his debut solo album “Smoke on This...” on July 28th, 2017 via Entertainment One Music (eOne Music). Rex Brown has also debuted an all new single titled “Crossing Lines” - listen to it below. “My motto these days is 'Shake some shit up'”, Brown declares about the new LP. “I've had my ups...
Suffocation Euro Tour 2017 poster
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Suffocation announces August 2017 European & UK Tour

Death metal pioneers Suffocation announced the release of their new album “...Of the Dark Light” (out on June 9th via Nuclear Blast Records) last week. In support of this record, the band will be touring extensively to present these new tracks to their fans. After a US trip with Morbid Angel, Revocation, and Withered, the New York death squad will come...
Suffocation Of the Dark Light cover
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Suffocation to release new studio album “...Of the Dark Light” on June 9th 2017

New York death metal pioneers Suffocation will release their new album “...Of the Dark Light” on June 9th, 2017, via Nuclear Blast Records. The band has released the first single, “Your Last Breaths”, in the form of a 360º track video below. “...Of the Dark Light” was produced by Suffocation and tracked at Full Force...
Sparzanza band pic 2017
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Sparzanza signs to Despotz Records

Swedish Hard Rock band Sparzanza can look back on a 20 year old career filled with explosive metal, award nominations, radioplay and loads of tours and live gigs. Sparzanza has made a huge effort and has been looking for the right label to work further. “After meeting up with Sparzanza we can definitely say that we’ve found each other. Both through...
Demonical band pic
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Demonical announces new vocalist Alexander Högbom

Sweden's death metal squadron Demonical has announced significant changes in its line-up, most prominently including the parting of ways with long-time singer and producer, Sverker Widgren. His boots will be filled by none other than Alexander Högbom, who already proven himself behind the microphone in the ranks of October Tide and Centinex. Demonical...
Evoke logo
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Evoke signs to Pulverised Records

Pulverised Records are happy to welcome the Norwegian Thrash-menace Evoke on their roster! Featuring members consisting of ex-Nuclear Genocide and with Evoke frontman Kato Marchant also providing live duties for Norwegian Thrashers Condor, the band rattled the underground scene in mid-2016 with their raw and in-yer-face rehearsal four-track demo entitled “...
Speedrush band pic
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Hi Nir, since this is the first time we talk; do give us a brief bio of Speedrush.   N: Hi Thanos, thank you for having us in Grande Rock! Speedrush were formed in 2005, in Athens. The core of the band consisted for many years from myself (Nir) as vocalist, Nick Demiris as lead guitarist and Thanos Athanasopoulos as lead/rhythm guitarist (and drummer...
My Regime Deranged Patterns cover
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My Regime to release new studio album “Deranged Patterns” on June 23rd 2017

Swedish Thrash Metal heroes My Regime, featuring legendary singer/songwriter Spice (Spiritual Beggars, Kayser) and members/ex-members of Spiritual Beggars, Kayser, Band of Spice and The Mushroom River Band, have revealed the details of their new album “Deranged Patterns”, which will be released on June 23rd, 2017, via Scarlet Records.   Tracklist...
Badass More Pain, More Gain cover
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Badass - More Pain, More Gain

Well, if you’re gonna call your band “Badass” you’d better be really “badass”, or you should prepare for a world of trolling.   “Badass” is a band of decently fellows, who name drop like crazy. Let me give you an example. “Well-known” (?) rock vocalist Titta Tani (Takayoshi Ohmura, ex DGM, CS’...
Speedrush Endless War cover
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Speedrush - Endless War

Speedrush are an Athenian speed/thrash combo that likes to keep things short, simple and to the point. 8 songs plus an intro in less than 35 minutes, means that songs are rapid firing, speedathons, that bring to mind, I dunno early Destruction with somewhat cleaner vocals, I guess? You know very much in that vein of German speed/thrash, with bits of Canadian...