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Rage Seasons of the Black cover
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Rage - Seasons of the Black

You can’t blame Rage for being slouchy, no sir. They have been active for more than thirty years and this one inclusive have released twenty three albums, the LMO project, countless live albums an EPs and have always delivered pretty consistently both in the studio as well as on the stage… never releasing a “bad” album.   “...
Serenity Lionheart cover
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Serenity to release new studio album “Lionheart” on October 27th 2017

October is coming! A new era will begin on the 27th of October 2017, as Symphonic Metal masters Serenity are ready to release a brand new full-length album! Before the announcement of the album the band encouraged fans to guess the title of their upcoming effort via their socials. So were you able to guess it right? Here it is: “Lionheart”! The band...
Arrayan Path Dawn of Aquarius cover
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Arrayan Path to release new studio album “Dawn of Aquarius” on November 17th 2017

Arrayan Path announces the release of “Dawn of Aquarius”, which will be out on November 17th, 2017, under Pitch Black Records! Tracklist: 1. Equilibrium 2. The Flower Born of itself 3. Dark Daughter of the snake 4. The Hundred names of Kali Ma 5. So it Shall be Written 6. She who is Primordial Wisdom 7. Dawn of Aquarius 8. Cremation Grounds 9...
Sleeping Romance Alba cover
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Sleeping Romance to release new studio album “Alba” on November 3rd 2017

Let the curtain rise on the new Mediterranean Symphonic Metal sensation: Sleeping Romance!   This Italian quintet displays true mastery, as they fuse bloodcurdling classical sounds with monstrous Melodic Death Metal-riffing. The music is full of force yet sustained by noble, theatrical flamboyance and provides a symphony for the broken hearted who somehow...
Accept The Rise of Chaos cover
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Accept - The Rise of Chaos

Accept, unfortunately since their reunion without Udo, have been on a decline turning into a hollow shadow of their former selves. Despite the relative euphoria that “Blood of Nations” caused being the first time something was heard from a band that was presumed to be dead and buried and relatively solid live performances, the albums that followed were...
Amberian Dawn Darkness of Eternity cover
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Amberian Dawn to release new studio album “Darkness of Eternity” on November 10th 2017

Amberian Dawn are never at a loss for Symphonic Metal that moves your deepest soul. With the ear-piercing dramaturgy of incredible songstress Capri, their eighth record entitled “Darkness of Eternity” is studded with stupendous fanfares. Today the band unveils the initial details of their upcoming studio album including artwork, release date and track...
Destructor Decibel Casualties cover
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Destructor - Decibel Casualties

Ohio’s Destructor was a power thrash that had a promising start in the mid-80s, but folded soon after the tragic demise of their bassist Dave Holocaust. They didn’t reunite until after a decade past that tragic event and with the whole “resurgence” of underground metal, they were given a “second chance” and lease of life,...
Shadowside Shades of Humanity cover
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Shadowside - Shades of Humanity

Shadowside is a Brazilian quartet on their fourth album, which features former Hammerfall bassist Magnus Rosen. They are female fronted, but their frontwoman Dani, who also is their keyboard player, has a very strong, stentorian voice with a quite manly timbre and quite the range, not exactly unlike Leather (Leone’s) from Chastain, but probably a little less...
Pänzer Fatal Command cover
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Pänzer to release new studio album “Fatal Command” on October 6th 2017

Get your denim and run for cover: they are rolling again! Two and a half years after their infamous wake-up call “Send Them All to Hell”, heavy metal saviours Pänzer have returned to the scene. “Fatal Command” will be released on October 6th, 2017, via Nuclear Blast, and the record stands for what all four members have in common - the...
Witherfall Nocturnes and Requiems cover
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Witherfall signs worldwide deal with Century Media

US epic progressive metal rising force Witherfall have signed a worldwide deal with Century Media. Witherfall, who seem to have come out of nowhere in late 2016, have stirred up the international scene with their unique approach of combining epic metal with dark heavy metal and complex yet catchy progressive metal to style that reminds of early Crimson Glory, the...