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Shane Gaalaas Bitter Suites from the Red Room cover
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Shane Gaalaas to release “Bitter Suites from the Red Room” on November 6th 2015

L.A.-based Canadian drummer, multi-instrumentalist & songwriter Shane Gaalaas (B'z, Cosmosquad, Diesel Machine, Glenn Hughes, MSG) has announced the worldwide release of his latest solo effort, “Bitter Suites from the Red Room”, which is gonna be released on November 6th 2015. The album marks Gaalaas’ fourth overall and first all-...
XaDu Random Abstract cover
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XaDu - Random Abstract

XaDu is a new music project between the gifted drummer Xavi Reija and the skilled guitarist Dusan Jeftovic. Those two guys have also cooperated in the past in Xavi’s solo album “Resolution” in 2014. That album gave the two musicians the chance to get to know each other and continue working under their own moniker called XaDu (a combination of...
Ligro Dictionary 3 cover
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Ligro - Dictionary 3

Almost three years after “Dictionary 2”, Ligro, the Indonesian “crazy” trio, is back with “Dictionary 3”. I have presented the band on the previous album review so anyone interested in their story shall check the “Dictionary 2” review.   I think there are no secrets here. Whether you like this “weird...
The Defiled UK tour dates 2014 poster
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The Defiled announces European & UK tour dates 2014

Having already hit the UK, Australia and the US this year, London metallers The Defiled will embark on their first full European tour of 2014 in November. Appearing as special guests to Avatar, the tour takes in eleven countries across 19 shows, including the band’s first show in the Czech Republic.    “We just love to play”, states...
Dead By April Let the World Know cover
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Dead By April - Let the World Know

I’m sooo into this gaycore trend of our time. It’s fun! Why? Well, it’s easy to be part of it. Get a few trendy, “macho-like” guys with tattoos and the band is ready to go! So, here (in case you are not aware of it) we have a Swedish band formed in 2007 and this is their third full-length album.   Musically the music formula is...
Rock Candy Funk Party Takes New York - Live at the Iridium DVD cover
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Rock Candy Funk Party - Takes New York - Live at the Iridium DVD on February 24th 2014

On February 24th, 2014, Rock Candy Funk Party will follow up last year’s debut album "We Want Groove" with Rock Candy Funk Party "Takes New York - Live at the Iridium" – a live DVD/Blu-ray package featuring over 100 minutes of music and a 30-minute documentary, and an exclusive live companion double CD, all filmed and recorded at the...
Monolith Dystopia cover
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Monolith - Dystopia on April 11th 2014

Resident in Bremen, Germany Monolith have been bashing out doomy, groovy, slow and psychedelic tunes for about three years. So far they have recorded a 4-track-demo and played a few shows in Northern and Eastern Germany, supporting Kadavar among others. In late summer of 2013 the band withdrew into their studio to record their first album "Dystopia" which...
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Arceye - At First Light

Four years after their debut release “The Divide Between Chaos & Order”, Arceye are back with their second, more mature & updated in every part album. This band is the epitome of extreme metal. They have blended heavy, thrash metal, death metal, progressive, groovy metal elements along with melodic & acoustic parts very harmonically so I do...
Trouble band
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Hi Bruce, it’s great to have you back after almost 6 years. How do you feel about “The Distortion Field”? I believe it’s a remarkable album indeed!   B: I feel very good about it. It sounds like a re-energized band when you hear it. Sounds like Trouble definitely, but with a little jump in its step that hasn’t been there for...
Trouble The Distortion Field
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Trouble - The Distortion Field

In a time that all that matters is how good any replica is… while clone bands rule, we thankfully have some major “returning” bands showing how the game should be played, offering “new food” to all the clones/clowns, as they offer them a part of “inspiration”. Yeap, Trouble are back 6 years after “Simple Mind...