Rotting Christ - The Heretics

After being chastised by a growing faction of people over lazy songwriting on their previous effort “Rituals” that seemed to put atmosphere before music, Rotting Christ decide to look back, at least as far back as “Theogonia” maybe, to try and invigorate themselves, moving forward.

Eisregen to release new studio album “Fleischfilm” on May 5th 2017

Eisregen will release their new album “Fleischfilm” on May 5th, 2017, via Massacre Records.

The tracklisting of the band's first ever concept album - an homage to the wild Italian cinema of the 1970's and early 1980's - looks like this...

1. Drei Mütter
2. Hauch des Todes
3. Jenseits der Dunkelheit
4. Die letzte Reise des Alan Yates (Metamorphose 2)
5. Auf den Spuren der Säge
6. Tiefrot
7. Nahe der Friedhofsmauer
8. Menschenfresser
9. Syndikat des Schreckens
10. Im Blutrausch
11. Satan der Rache