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The 69 Eyes release music video for new single “Cheyenna”

The goth scene has already marked this day in their calendar with a big, black cross because today Finland’s dark rockers The 69 Eyes start the pre-order for their 12th studio album “West End” , due to be released on September 13th, 2019, via Nuclear Blast. Get your copy of the digipak (including the album + Blu-ray with a special band documentary directed by Ville Lipiäinen) or digital download here.

The 69 Eyes unveil first album trailer and announce Fall 2019 Finnish Tour

Finland’s dark rockers The 69 Eyes recently announced that they will release their 12th studio album on September 13th, 2019. Right in time for their 30th band anniversary, “West End” will see the light of day, so prepare for 11 up-tempo rock anthems full of heaviness, black memento mori moments and dark humour featuring several top-notch guest vocalists including Cradle Of Filth’s Dani Filth, Wednesday 13 and Beastö Blancö’s Calico Cooper.

The 69 Eyes announce Spring 2019 US Headlining Tour

The last time that goth rock legends The 69 Eyes toured the United States, was in 2009. As the band has been busy conducting business as usual, releasing albums and touring elsewhere, the US has been waiting very long for the return of the Helsinki Vampires.

After recently teaming up with DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara’s and his wife Anahstasia’s The Oracle Management, The 69 Eyes are ready to start a new chapter in their 30-year rock n’ roll saga.

The 69 Eyes post trailer from the studio and tease plans for their 30th anniversary

Helsinki’s goth‘n’roll vampires The 69 Eyes are currently putting the final touches to their 12th studio album scheduled for spring 2019.

While the title and release date are yet to be unveiled, the tracks have once again been recorded with longtime producer Johnny Lee Michaels in Helsinki.

The 69 Eyes announce new Spring 2017 European Tour Dates

With the winter coming to an end, Helsinki's legendary vampires The 69 Eyes crawl out of their crypts and are once again ready to haunt Europe with their unique mix of gothic metal and untamed rock 'n' roll.

After multiple dates in their home country Finland, the band invades Spain, Italy and Germany, to not only present their latest opus “Universal Monsters” to the fans, but also deliver some unforgotten evergreens.

The 69 Eyes - Universal Monsters

I’ve never hidden my preference for The 69 Eyes over the years and I’ve been following the band since their early 00s days. Now four years after “X”, they are back with their new studio album. “X” wasn’t a great album but it featured 2-3 amazing tracks. Well, you see the case with “Universal Monsters” is that it is not very cohesive song-wise and it does not also feature any “very atmospheric/catchy” tracks – I think “Jerusalem” could have been one of these tracks but it doesn’t manage to do so eventually. The album is fine on the whole but it’s not nowhere near the band’s great albums.

Billion Dollar Babies - Chemical God

Billion Dollar Babies are Swedes (what else) and they seem to go for a style of modern melodic gothic, sleazy roll, part 69 Eyes, part Hardcore Superstar, part “god knows what”.
You get the picture, shouty, punky 1-2 anthems with a bit more of pizazz than normal… actually not bad. I usually tend to dislike bands that have just a muffled, rounded, “modern” production, because no matter how good or loud it might be, it’s almost always about groove and compression/loudness and there’s very little substance in the way of the songs being actually catchy...