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Kim Seviour pic
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Kim Seviour

Hi Kim, I’m glad we have the chance to talk about your new solo album “Recovery is Learning”. It’s a quite captivating album on the whole. Kudos.   K: Thank you so much, I’m so glad that you like it!     Well, first of all, do tell us… which were the reasons that made you leave Touchstone back in 2015?...
Doro Euro Tour 2018/2019 poster
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Doro announces new studio album and November 2018 European Tour

Finally - on August 3rd, 2018, Doro will release their long-awaited new studio album! The metal queen unveils: “The writing proccess of the album is done and we're currently finalising the mixing. This new record is going to be a diverse album with many fast songs and countless metal anthems. To be honest, one of these songs could become the next "...
Blameshift band pic
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Blameshift to attend Winter NAMM 2018 in California in support of rock n roll inspired jewelry Strüng

Long Island, NJ rock band Blameshift will be attending the 2018 Winter NAMM in Anaheim, California January 25-28.The band will be there in support of their rock n roll inspired guitar string jewelry brand Strüng and will have a booth set up at NAMM in space 7813. Their brand new bracelet called the Ü Collection Line for Men is debuting at winter NAMM. It...
Lisa Stansfield Deeper cover
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Lisa Stansfield to release new studio album “Deeper” on April 6th 2018

Lisa Stansfield has announced that her new album “Deeper” will be released on April 6th, 2018, on earMusic. The first track to be made available is “Everything” - with its groove, funk, soul and signature vocals, the songs is an exciting taster of what we can expect from the new album. “Everything” is available instantly when...
Table Scraps Autonomy cover
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Table Scraps to release new studio album “Autonomy” on February 23rd 2018

To turn away from a record deal with a large label in your teens takes guts - especially when the fight for opportunities of that kind are so far and few between for rising bands. But when you feel like you're being kept out of the loop of your own life and one two many false promises are made, something has to change. Drummer Poppy Twist of Poppy & The...
Sanguine Glacialis Hadopelagic cover
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Sanguine Glacialis to release new studio album “Hadopelagic” on April 6th 2018

Wormholedeath are proud to announce that the experimental death metal act Sanguine Glacialis have signed a distribution deal with the label for the worldwide release of their album “Hadopelagic”, which was produced by Chris Donaldson of Cryptopsy. “Hadopelagic” will be released on April 6th, 2018. Without darkness there can be no light,...
Cardiant Mirrors cover
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Cardiant - Mirrors

Put it down to seasonal affective disorder or simply a festive spirit but I’m currently enamoured by eclectically cool, techno-ish power metal whirligigs such as Beyond Visions, Hammerforce and Cardiant. This last, from Hämeenlinna, Finland, has been twirling its luminous n’ numinous bâton since 2000 with an impressive run of demos, singles...
WildeStarr Beyond the Rain cover
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WildeStarr - Beyond the Rain

Anthony Bourdain, the World renowned chef and author, once said never trust your stomach to a restaurant named after its owner(s) but the husband and wife team dominating WildeStarr lay any musically correlating fears to rest as far as its third release, “Beyond the Rain”, released last month under Scarlet Records, is concerned. In other words, Dave...
Vuur In This Moment We Are Free - Cities cover
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Vuur - In This Moment We Are Free - Cities

Anneke Van Gisbergen is a woman that almost everyone that has been listening to hard/heavy music has appreciated, savored, loved even as her nightingale like tones and subtle, gentle presence has graced many albums and stages in all the years that she’s been active artistically, be it in The Gathering, with Ayreon/The Gentle Storm, Icon, collaborating with...
Within Temptation Euro Tour 2018 poster
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Within Temptation give away free live “Black X-mas” show and announce Fall/Winter 2018 European Tour

Within Temptation have announced the premiere of previously unreleased live footage of their unique “Black X-mas” performance, recorded live at the 013 in Tilburg, The Netherlands exactly 1 year ago. In the coming months, the band will unveil more videos online and on the band's streaming portals. See the trailer below. Although there has been huge...