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Janet Gardner and Justin James pic
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Vixen vocalist Janet Gardner signs to Pavement Entertainment and announces debut solo album - due out in August 2017

Best known as the lead vocalist of the all-female rock band Vixen, Janet Gardner's powerful vocals propelled Vixen to the top of the Billboard charts with crossover hits “Edge of a Broken Heart” and “Cryin'”, and found the band opening for the likes of Deep Purple, Ozzy Osbourne, The Scorpions, Kiss, and Bon Jovi.   Teaming up...
Jessie Galante The Show Must Go On cover
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Jessie Galante - The Show Must Go On

Jessie Galante is a rock singer that didn’t have much luck in the 80s, with both the bands she was in Actor and Fire (with some House Of Lords members no less) not amounting to more than an EP and a demo respectively and her becoming a local “heroine”.   After another musical foray in 2009 with “Spitfire” that must have not...
Gabriel And The Apocalypse North American Tour 2017 poster
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Gabriel And The Apocalypse announces Summer 2017 North American Tour

Hailing from the colorful and music inspired streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota comes the unique blend of Metal/Rock/Industrial that is Gabriel And The Apocalypse. The band delivers a fierce yet beautiful array of female fronted aggression that will give their predecessors a run for their money. The brainchild of vocalist Lindy Gabriel, Gabriel And The Apocalypse...
Arch Enemy Euro & Russia Tour 2017 poster
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Arch Enemy announces new album “Will to Power” and Fall 2017 European & Russian Tour

In March 2017, extreme metal giants Arch Enemy completed the “War Eternal” album cycle with the highly successful “As the Stages Burn!” live release, which was filmed and recorded at the band's massive headlining show at Wacken Open Air 2016. Now, it is time for the next chapter in the band's history as Arch Enemy hereby announce...
Avatarium band pic
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Avatarium announces September 2017 European Tour

One week before the storm of “Hurricanes and Halos” reaches the shore, Swedish doom sensation Avatarium unveils the music video to the brand new single “The Starless Sleep”. The catchy track with its howling guitars and Jennie-Ann's raw bluesy voice shows a melodic and surprisingly uplifting side of the new album that builds a bridge...
Doro US Tour 2017 poster
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Doro Pesch announces special September 2017 US Tour Dates featuring guitarist Tommy Bolan

Released in 1987, “Triumph and Agony” is the fourth studio album from German heavy metal titans Warlock. The record was a mammoth success globally with hit singles and MTV’s Headbangers Ball favorites “All We Are” and “Für immer” among other now-pinnacle anthems like “East Meets West”, “Metal Tango...
Walk In Darkness In the Shadows of Things cover
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Walk In Darkness - In the Shadows of Things

Walk In Darkness is a gothic/death-metal quintet, with four robed guys – with pseudonyms, very much in the vein of Sweden’s ghost – with an Emiliano Pasquinelli adding grunted vocals in the first song “Heavy Wings of Destiny” in a way not unlike old Theater Of Tragedy, opposite one Nicoletta Rosellini (who is the vocalist of a band...
Mellow Gang Play EP cover
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Mellow Gang to release new EP “Play” on June 23rd 2017

London four-piece Mellow Gang made a wondrous debut earlier this year with the sweet and dreamy “Lagoon (Solina)”. Their EP, “Play” (released June 23rd, 2017), proves that there’s more lush psychedelic pop worth your attention.   From the opening noir-ish beats of “My Last” to the final hypnotic notes of “...
Lightyears Erase EP cover
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Lightyears to release debut EP “Erase” on June 2nd 2017

Wormholedeath is proud to announce that Italian alternative metal combo Lightyears have signed with the label for the worldwide release of their debut EP “Erase”. “Erase” was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Riccardo Daga at Titans Lab Studio and it will be available on June 2nd, 2017, via Wormholdeath/The Orchard through exclusive...
In This Moment Ritual cover
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In This Moment to release new studio album “Ritual” on July 21st 2017

In This Moment's sixth studio album “Ritual” is set for release on July 21st, 2017, via Atlantic Records with first track “Oh Lord” premiering via video on their official YouTube channel - watch it below. You can pre-order “Ritual” here - with all digital pre-orders coming with an instant grat download of “Oh Lord...