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Illuminata band pic
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Hi Lukas… first of all, I’d like you to accept my compliments on your new brilliant album “Where Stories Unfold”…   L: Much appreciated! I am glad you enjoy it.     Tell us… why did it take you almost 5 years to release a new album? What happened in the meantime?   L: Actually, it started out as a...
Illuminata Where Stories Unfold cover
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Illuminata - Where Stories Unfold

Illuminata returns after 4 years since “A World So Cold”, with their third and most essential work to date. I have explained why the third release is very important for every band in the past, so I won’t do it again… I’ll just say that Illuminata seems to have understood the significance of the situation so they did take it all the...
The Spiritual Machines logo
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The Spiritual Machines

Hi Evan… just when I was looking for any sign from Les Friction, you strike with The Spiritual Machines. Please tell us what your new project is all about and when it came to life.   E: I wanted this record to be one singular process of designing a palette, writing, recording and mixing and I would say that was the case more often than not. This was...
Kaledon Antillius: The King of the Light cover
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Kaledon - Antillius: The King of the Light

Kaledon, are an Italian power metal band that has been around since before the turn of the millennium and started putting out albums shortly thereafter. In only twelve years since their debut they have managed a rather impressive eight (including this one) albums. Their style is power metal, with symphonic and slightly prog sensibilities, as they do employ a lot of...
Sarpedon Anomic Nation cover
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Sarpedon - Anomic Nation

Sarpedon were formed back in 2005, by Torgeir P. Krokfjord (ex-Throne of Thor, ex-Vargariket), and they released two demos, one in 2006 and the second in 2008. They had been working on their debut all these years, when that was possible; they had been trying to do so by finding time between the members’ other responsibilities with several bands and projects....
The Spiritual Machines Volunteer cover
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The Spiritual Machines - Volunteer

In a future world, where humanity is supposed to have evolved vastly, death will only be exercised voluntarily. So, all humans will have the chance to live forever if they choose to do so. Healing will still be indispensable. Everything will be dependent on each one’s actions and decisions. In a few words, that’s the lyrical concept behind “...
Ensiferum One Man Army cover
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Ensiferum to release “One Man Army” on February 24th 2015

Finland’s favorite folk metal collective and recent Metal Blade signees, Ensiferum, will unleash their sixth studio album on February 24th, 2015. Titled “One Man Army”, the predominantly analog-recorded offering was tracked between September and November of this year with award-winning producer Anssi Kippo (Children Of Bodom, Impaled Nazarene,...
Aeonsgate Pentalpha cover
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Aeonsgate - Pentalpha

Aeonsgate is a weird as $@#%, project.... it’s actually an album a doomy and gloomy album that is however offered without any indexes – as one single song, the 59:52 minutes long “Pentalpha” a phychedelic doom opus composed by Jondix (guitar player and founder of Great Coven, EIght Hands for Kali and Atman-Acron) who is the guitarist for...
Isole The Calm Hunter cover
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Isole - The Calm Hunter

It’s already been one decade since Isole appeared on the doom metal scene. And during those 10 years they managed to gain the respect of the press and fans and release 6 full-lengths albums, if we also count the new one “The Calm Hunter”. Not bad at all… on the contrary!   Like every new release from Isole, “The Calm Hunter...
Below Euro Tour 2015 poster
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Below announces European tour 2015

Swedish doom newcomers, Below, are embarking on their “Across the Dark Rivers of Europe” tour in February of 2015! Joining them will be special guests Taiwaz, courtesy of Electric Assault Records. The tour will begin on February 4th in Copenhagen. Below comments: “We can’t wait to be back on the roads of Europe to bring the heaviest of doom...