Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody - Prometheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus

Luca Turrili, is a nice guy, generally speaking and back when he came out with the original Rhapsody albums, he managed to really capture the public’s imagination with his very melodic and annunciated epic power metal, that featured tons of ornamentations and followed a very neoclassical train of thought.

Turisas announces Latin American Tour 2015

Battle Metal masters Turisas have just announced heavy touring in the winter. Before heading out on an extensive tour with their labelmates in Barren Earth throughout their native Finland in November and December the Warlords will soak up some sun during their tour in Latin America in October.

It will be their triumphant return after a highly successful Latin American tour in 2013.

Latin American Tour 2015:
02.10. (BR) Curitiba - Espaco Cult
03.10. (BR) Sao Paulo - Carioca Club
04.10. (BR) Rio de Janeiro - Teatro Odisséia
06.10. (AR) Buenos Aires - Asbury Music Club
07.10. (CL) Santiago - Kmasu Club

Sir Christopher Lee dies at the age of 93

As reported on The Guardian.co.uk Sir Christopher Lee passed away last Sunday at the age of 93, after being hospitalised for respiratory problems and heart failure.

His wife, the former Danish model Birgit Kroencke, decided to hold back the information for four days until all family members and friends were informed. The couple had been married for over 50 years and had one daughter, Christina.

Borknagar working on new studio album - to be released in early 2016

Great news by Norwegian post-black metallers Borknagar, who are currently working on the recordings for a new studio album, to follow up 2012's “Urd” release...

The original Borknagar vocalist Kristoffer Rygg (aka Garm, Fiery G. Maelstrom , Trixter G.) has recorded vocals for two songs on the upcoming, still untitled Borknagar album.

The album will be once again mixed by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studio (Opeth, Kreator, Katatonia, etc.) in June and a worldwide release is expected in early 2016 via Century Media Records.

Ancient Rites - Laguz

That was a “dive into the past”! I admit that Ancient Rites have been under my radar for more than 15 years. As I see they also released their previous album in 2006. Now after 9 whole years they’re back with a new album. But what happened to that up-and-coming band which started on the early 90s? Did they finally fulfill all those high expectations from their early years? Unfortunately not. They didn’t make it at long last and they never managed to become as popular and successful as Rotting Christ, Dimmu Borgir, Septic Flesh and many other acts that started releasing albums in the same (more or less) period. I still remember the “Evil Prevails” EP in 1992… and the homonymous track as well.

The Wizards Of Winter signs with Breaking Bands LLC

Yuletide progressive metal ensemble The Wizards Of Winter are pleased to announce their recent signing with Breaking Bands LLC and The Agency Group. The Wizards Of Winter are an eclectic group of musicians from the NY/NJ/PA tri-state region, who perform classical and progressive-influenced rock music woven throughout a theatrical holiday-themed event.

While the group’s style is undoubtedly inspired by the genius of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO), The Wizards Of Winter are far from a TSO tribute band. While somewhat similar to TSO in style, the Wizards’ original material is very unique and has quite a broad audience appeal, applied in a more intimate setting.

LT Rhapsody to release “Prometheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus” on June 19th 2015

The creators of cinematic metal are finally back with their most outstanding record: “Prometheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus”, which is set to be released on June 19th (EU), June 22nd (UK), June 30th (US) by Nuclear Blast Records.

The album was composed and produced once again by Luca Turilli, responsible as always of all the orchestral and choral arrangements. It was recorded and mixed at the Backyard Studios of Sebastian Roeder (Bonfire a.o.) and mastered by Christoph Stickel (Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock a.o.) at MSM studios.

Manowar announces Scandinavian Tour Dates 2016

Denmark, Sweden and Norway get ready because Manowar is returning to the home of the Vikings with their 2016 World Tour!

The dates are:
Sunday, January 31, 2016 – SCC - Aarhus, Denmark
Tuesday, February 2, 2016 – Konserthus – Stavanger, Norway
Friday, February 5, 2016 – Älvhögsborg - Trollhättan, Sweden
Saturday, February 6, 2016 – Arenan – Stockholm, Sweden

Slough Feg announces new drummer Addison Filipczyk

Slough Feg is proud to announce the arrival of new drummer, Addison Filipczyk. Filipczyk, 25, will have big shoes to fill following in the wake of Harry Cantwell’s departure, but after several months of rehearsal the group is confident that they are in capable hands and feet.

Bassist Adrian Maestas comments: “After trying out drummers for a few months we think we’ve found the right guy. Welcome aboard, Addison!”...

Singer/Guitarist Mike Scalzi gave only a short list of the new Drummer’s vital statistics:
• Loyal Slough Feg fan since 2007
• Sharp wit / keen philosophical / linguistic intellect