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Crematory Live W.O.A. 2014 DVD cover
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Crematory to release “Live W.O.A. 2014” DVD on June 22nd 2015

To span their live inactivity this year, Germany’s leading gothic metal band Crematory decided to release the whole Wacken show as a DVD titled “Live W:O:A 2014”, including private backstage footage, detailed interviews, footage from their rehearsal room and the three videoclips from “Antiserum”! Tracklist: 01. Until the End 02. Fly...
thisquietarmy Anthems for Catharsis cover
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thisquietarmy to release “Anthems for Catharsis” on May 15th 2015

thisquietarmy, the drone/experimental guitar-based project of Eric Quach (Hypnodrone Ensemble, Destroyalldreamers & Parallel Lines) will release their new studio effort “Anthems for Catharsis” next month, on May 15 via TQA Records & Consouling Sounds. The new album was recorded and mixed by Erich Quach in his hometown of Montreal and according...
Plisskën Festival 2015 new poster
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Plisskën Festival announces Savages, Squarepusher, Electric Wizard, Perfume Genius & Twilight Sad for June 5th & 6th 2015

After a celebrating their fourth birthday late last year, Plisskën return once again with another hard-hitting, eclectic line-up, showcasing the very best in quality, alternative artists and performers. Plisskën Festival has announced that post-punk London breakthroughs Savages, drum and bass legend Squarepusher, doom godfathers Electric Wizard and many...
Plisskën Festival 2015 poster
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Plisskën Festival to take place on June 5th & 6th 2015 in Athens

After a celebrating their fourth birthday late last year, Plisskën return once again with another hard-hitting, eclectic line-up, showcasing the very best in quality, alternative artists and performers. The festival officially gets underway with the likes of master beatboxer and looper Beardyman, UK psych masters The Horrors and Texan alternative noiseniks...
The Spiritual Machines logo
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The Spiritual Machines

Hi Evan… just when I was looking for any sign from Les Friction, you strike with The Spiritual Machines. Please tell us what your new project is all about and when it came to life.   E: I wanted this record to be one singular process of designing a palette, writing, recording and mixing and I would say that was the case more often than not. This was...
The Spiritual Machines Volunteer cover
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The Spiritual Machines - Volunteer

In a future world, where humanity is supposed to have evolved vastly, death will only be exercised voluntarily. So, all humans will have the chance to live forever if they choose to do so. Healing will still be indispensable. Everything will be dependent on each one’s actions and decisions. In a few words, that’s the lyrical concept behind “...
Schysma Idiosyncrasy cover
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Schysma - Idiosyncrasy

Schysma are an Italian band that professes to be playing prog metal. I tried to read a “press” release that accompanied the album, but if it was written in Italian, I suppose I might have had a better understanding than I had with this poorly written attempt in English, so I soon gave up, after conferring that this is their debut after an EP (no more...
BC Music The Lineup Volume: 1 cover
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BC Music releases free digital compilation

BC Music, the record label formed by Matt Carter and Toby Morrell of the popular rock group, Emery, along with close friend, Pastor and former Emery bassist, Joey Svendsen, has released a free digital compilation, “The Lineup, Volume: 1”, available via here. The 24-track “The Lineup, Volume: 1” features a mix of both BC...
Tilt acoustic EP Assemblage cover
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Tilt releases acoustic EP “Assemblage”

Tilt – featuring Fish band members Steve Vantsis, Dave Stewart and Robin Boult – have released an acoustic EP, “Assemblage” which contains acoustic versions of songs from their forthcoming album, “Hinterland”. All proceeds from the EP sales will go towards finishing their debut album next year. It is available now from BandCamp...
Winter Plisskën Festival logo
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Winter Plisskën Festival on December 4th and 5th 2014 in Greece

After the hugely successful Plisskën Festival earlier in the year, the team return to celebrate their fourth Birthday. On Thursday 4th and Friday 5th of December 2014, the Winter Plisskën Festival will be hosting consecutive nights in Greece’s largest 2 cities - Iera Odos in Athens and Principal Club Theatre in Thessaloniki. The opening night will...