Cats In Space - Daytrip to Narnia

Cats In Space are, if nothing else, consistent. Since their debut album “Too Many Gods” dropped back in 2015, they’ve come back every other year with an impressive album, after some touring and 2019 is no different. “Daytrip to Narnia” takes the rich rock DNA of its creators (who’ve been active in Moritz, GTS, Robin Trower, 10cc and more) splices it and mixes it successfully once more to give birth to yet another album that sounds both classic, but also fresh.

Bugeye to release new single “Disco Dancer” on December 7th 2018

Croydon-based punk-purveyors Bugeye have announced their brand new single, “Disco Dancer”, coinciding with several shows across the South of the country.

Now fleshed out as a four-piece, Bugeye have reinvented “Disco Dancer”, a song they have had kept in the top draw as a demo, with legendary Indie producer Paul Tipler (Idlewild, Placebo, Stereolab), as well a new lyric, taking in themes of idolism and the battle of the sexes.

Space Elevator signs with Steamhammer/SPV & announces new album “Space Elevator II”

It’s official at last: Space Elevator, one of Britain’s most talented newcomer acts, has signed with Steamhammer/SPV.

The quartet featuring flamboyant vocalist The Duchess, with its mélange of tasteful classic rock and radio-compatible pop rock is currently among the hottest new acts on the British music scene.

Queens Of The Stone Age - Villains

Getting high on paint fumes from a wooden windowpane I just finished repainting to protect from the elements, I’m trying too hard to figure out, what place QOTSA are trying to occupy in the modern music scene and who they could be taking their cues from… and I’m dazed and confused and no it’s not Zeppelin.
With only Homme having remained a constant member (albeit tied up in way to many side activities) and despite the line up having remained fairly consistent in the past decade, QOTSA had taken rather the back seat, with only two album in the current decade a fact that might have also something to do with a health scare he had in the late 00s and or his numerous other musical diversions.

The Night Flight Orchestra - Amber Galactic

Firstly, once word of advice, if you want to do Disco/AOR influenced stuff, where the funk are you going with such a snare and bass drum sounds?! Also, no matter what, despite Björn “Speed” Strid’s “clean” efforts in Soilwork’s “sell-out” albums, (post “Predator’s Portrait”), he’s an average vocalist… you should hire a guy who can sing, as this genre more than any other one has some of the most impressive vocalists.

Blondie - Pollinator

It’s cool to see Blondie back with their 11th studio album, almost 40+ years after their homonymous debut and 6 years after the previous “Panic of Girls”. Who hasn’t admired the blonde Debbie during the 70s and the 80s? Needless to say, she’s still in good shape both psychically and musically. Her voice is still the band’s no1 characteristic “instrument”.

EelST to release Best Of collection “Yes We Can’t” on March 3rd 2017

To explain what EelST (short form for ‘Elio e le Storie Tese’) is, we have to try to imagine what the word “viral”, so often used nowadays, could have meant in 1980, when the band started its activity.

In the first part of the eighties, not only social media, “likes” and “shares” were not part of the picture but the popular music scene, in Italy as everywhere else, was facing a big turning point.

Drive, She Said - Pedal to the Metal

Normally I should be “creaming” in my pants upon hearing that a new Drive, She Said album would be out, but upon listening to the new Mark Mangold/Al Fritsch opus, I sort of got divided.
While opener “Touch” was pretty much an anthemic explosion of AOR hooks, the follow-up “Pedal to the Metal” was a bit too much, way over the top and wimpier, but not in a good way. Evident was the duo’s desire to capture their late 80s/early 90s sound, but I wasn’t too sure if they were gonna succeed in their quest.