debut release

Under The Church - Self-titled EP out on June 16th 2014

Swedish death metal chieftains Under The Church have unleashed the track-opener “Denial of Death”, taken off from the group’s upcoming EP simply entitled “Under The Church”, which will officially be released on 16th June 2014 in CD & Digital format.
Listen to the premiere YouTube video release of “Denial of Death” below.

Saturday Overdose signs with Street Symphonies records

Street Symphonies Records is pleased to announce that Saturday Overdose inked a deal to release the EP “Eat My Dust!”.
Saturday Overdose was born simply as Overdose in 2007 in Acqui Terme (Alessandria, Italy) from the idea of four school and raiding mates: Bosko Dirty Hack/Enrico Boschiazzo (vocals), Serve The Weedz/Andrea Servetti (guitar), Pana Doctor Gonzo/Andrea Panaro (bass) and Machine Gun Kocks/Filippo Galli (drums). After some unsuccessful performances playing covers at school parties, in 2008 the band split.