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Holygram to release debut full-length album “Modern Cults” on November 9th 2018

German post-punk shoegaze outfit Holygram has announced their long-awaited debut LP “Modern Cults”.

Comprised of eleven tracks, “Modern Cults” will be released on CD and double vinyl, as well as digitally via Cleopatra Records, on November 9th, 2018.

This is the first major release for the Cologne-based outfit since their 2016 self-titled EP. Here, the collective blend new wave and Krautrock with post-punk and shoegaze to achieve headstrong multi-layered bliss. This is a thoroughly contemporary homage to the sound of the 80s with a resolute look to the future - the result is driving, dark and catchy.

Florian Grey to release new studio album “Ritus” on May 18th 2018

Following the debut album “Gone” from 2015 and three single releases, Florian Grey is going to release their new album “Ritus” on May 18th, 2018.

What started as a solo project has grown together into a band, not least due to numerous live shows. Aside from Florian's three fellow musicians, producer Hilton Theissen (Dark Millenium, Akanoid, Seadrake), as well as Hell Boulevard Frontmann Matteo Vdiva Fabiani support the project with their competence and experience and form a strong unit that has made “Ritus” possible in the first place.

The 69 Eyes announce new Spring 2017 European Tour Dates

With the winter coming to an end, Helsinki's legendary vampires The 69 Eyes crawl out of their crypts and are once again ready to haunt Europe with their unique mix of gothic metal and untamed rock 'n' roll.

After multiple dates in their home country Finland, the band invades Spain, Italy and Germany, to not only present their latest opus “Universal Monsters” to the fans, but also deliver some unforgotten evergreens.

The 69 Eyes - Universal Monsters

I’ve never hidden my preference for The 69 Eyes over the years and I’ve been following the band since their early 00s days. Now four years after “X”, they are back with their new studio album. “X” wasn’t a great album but it featured 2-3 amazing tracks. Well, you see the case with “Universal Monsters” is that it is not very cohesive song-wise and it does not also feature any “very atmospheric/catchy” tracks – I think “Jerusalem” could have been one of these tracks but it doesn’t manage to do so eventually. The album is fine on the whole but it’s not nowhere near the band’s great albums.

My Kingdom Music to reissue Fear Of The Storm discography in a deluxe box in May 2016

Madness Splinters (1991-1996)”... this is the title of the box that My Kingdom Music will release in May 2016. It is the reissue of the complete Fear Of The Storm discography in a deluxe edition celebrating the 25 years of their birth.

For many considered the biggest hope in Italy's Dark Wave scene for many years, Fear Of The Storm and My Kingdom Music will release a box in digipack edition featuring 3 CDs with their discography, strictly limited and handnumbered to 333 copies and including the unreleased full-lenght album titled “II” recorded on 1996 and that never saw the light.

The 69 Eyes to release “Universal Monsters” on April 22nd 2016

The 69 Eyes have announced the title of their upcoming album. Their 11th studio album is titled “Universal Monsters” and it will be released on April 22nd, 2016 through Nuclear Blast.

The new album’s cover artwork, as well as the first video single, were conceived by Finnish photographer and director Ville Juurikkala - known from his works for Nightwish, Amorphis, HIM, Apocalyptica and Michael Monroe.

As the album title “Universal Monsters” refers, the band are portrayed in movie monster lightning, showing them as well classic and timeless creatures.

Demian Clav - Adrift

I want to start by saying that, if I were a record company, I am not sure if I would send an album like “Adrift” to be evaluated on a site called Grande Rock. Then again, no specific site comes to mind which would be more suitable for that sort of music.

The 69 Eyes - X

Entering, auspiciously, their 20th year of existence… The 69 Eyes are more concentrated than before, knowing exactly how to play the game and where to focus mostly. Avoiding mistakes of the past and by giving quick sneaky looks at their previous albums that made an impact like: “Blessed Be” & “Paris Kills”, while taking good care of their sound… The 69 Eyes are on the top of gothic rock music, leading the way.

The Fallacy

Hey Angeline, Marco & Niko…Great work! Since it’s the first time we talk, please give a small hint of your band to the readers…
We’re a gothic band… we have 3 albums and started this project back in 2008.
So, what’s the story behind The Fallacy? Did it start as a project that turned out to be a band… or you set off as a band that was completed as long as Angeline came onboard, right after Viviana left the band?