dark psychedelia

Vaura to release new studio album “Sables” on April 26th 2019

The ever-evolving quartet Vaura follows up their 2013 album “The Missing” almost six years later with “Sables”, their most refined and contemplative release yet. Introspective and somber, “Sables” finds the band shedding most of its post-metal heaviness in favor of experiments with brooding kosmische musik and the more avant-garde elements of new wave.

Waste Of Space Orchestra to release debut album “Syntheosis” on April 5th 2019

Finnish acts - cosmic black metal alchemists Oranssi Pazuzu and their cohorts Dark Buddha Rising, known for their grandiose, slug-paced, ritualist doom metal - have recorded a new album, “Syntheosis”, set for release on Svart Records this April under the moniker Waste Of Space Orchestra.

Burial In The Sky to release new studio album “Creatio et Hominus” on June 1st 2018

In the last few years, Pennsylvania has proven itself to be a hotbed of progressive death metal activity with rising stars Black Crown Initiate, Rivers Of Nihil, and Alustrium all converging towards separate yet similarly ambitious takes on the genre. Each of them capably melds different measures of technical minded fret wizardry, atmospheric tinged layers, a penchant for massive heavy grooves, and a desire to inject their music with outside-of-the-box progressive elements.

Dark Buddha Rising to release new EP “II” on March 23rd 2018

Prepare your mind, body, and the deepest recesses of your soul: the black gates that Dark Buddha Rising unlocked a decade ago with I, open further in 2018, as the band announce the “II” EP, due for release via Neurot Recordings on March 23rd, 2018.

“II” continues to traverse spiritual planes, exposing a vortex with their sonic calls from beyond.

For ten years, the Finnish band has convened in the now-famous Wastement studio space, set below their home city of Tampere, Finland, to roil in the sounds of the underground, to meet dark spirits, to breathe in time with rhythmic pulses sent from the skies, the stars, and the very dirt around them.

Sithter to release new studio album “Chaotic Fiend” on December 9th 2016

Japan's sonic death sludge masters Sithter to release new album “Chaotic Fiend” on  December 9th, 2016, through Bonten Records.

Originally formed in 2006 under the name PsychoToBlack, after numerous personnel changes, a handful of filed missing person reports and a ritual or two in the black arts, Tokyo's Sithter eventually emerged, dragged into sunlight.