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Tarja - The Shadow Self

Ever since going solo some ten years ago Tarja Turunen, best known for her days as the singer in Nightwish, has released some four “rock albums”, a classical album as well as a Christmas themed classical album in Finnish. She did seem to have improved her accent as well as moving from a largely mezzo repertoire to using her voice more efficiently, but her solo work has been nowhere near as popular as that of her former band.

Darryl Way - Myths, Legends and Tales

Darryl Way is a co-founder of Curved Air, trail blazing rock violinist and composer. He’s classically trained and has even written his own opera, which was debuted in 96 at the Palace Theater in London. He’s been active in the scene since the early 70s and even has done a session on a couple of songs on Jethro Tull’s “Heavy Horses” as a violinist (he also plays keyboards)…

Tarja to release new album’s prequel “The Brightest Void” on June 3rd 2016

While waiting for August 5th and the release of Tarja’s new album “The Shadow Self”, the queen of heavy rock has yet another surprise for her fans: Tarja and earMusic proudly announce the release of the new album’s prequel “The Brightest Void”. With over 50 minutes of new music, the extra album will sweeten the wait until August!

Tarja explains:

Constraint - Enlightened By Darkness

Constraint is an Italian symphonic metal quintet that’s been around for almost five years. They started playing Nightwish, Epica and Evanescence covers but soon started writing their own material and trying to develop their own style that’s probably more influenced by Epica of all things, but with a more classical oriented vocal style that anything else.

The Wizards Of Winter announces first 2016 Holiday Season Performances

Holiday rock opera ensemble The Wizards Of Winter truly thrived during the yuletide season of 2015, putting smiles on the faces of tens of thousands of performance attendees and amassing the attention of mainstream media - such as Entertainment Weekly and Yahoo Music - with their infectious festive sound.

Tarja announces new album “The Shadow Self” - due out on August 5th 2016

earMusic and Tarja are very proud to announce the release of her new heavy rock album “The Shadow Self”. Over the last couple of weeks, the most successful Finnish solo artist has been teasing her fans on various occasions, revealing bits and pieces of the new studio album.

Finally, the highly anticipated news and the cover artwork are officially revealed: “The Shadow Self” will be released on August 5th, 2016 on earMusic.

The Wizards Of Winter - The Magic of Winter

The Wizards Of Winter are a Yuletide rock ensemble, think a somewhat more folk, equally symphonic, but more banal version of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra of whom they feature some original members. I would imagine no longer performing with T$O, but still eyeing on the nice holiday ca$h in that these projects, have proven, for once nice classic bands like Savatage and Twisted Sister, which decided to start singing the carols, when they saw that the holiday market would pocket them more than they normally make in a whole year, within a couple of months…

Max Richter announces “Sleep” deluxe box set, May tour and remix project featuring Mogwai

Max Richter’s pioneering work “Sleep” - the composition dubbed a “gigantic lullaby” by the Los Angeles Times - is to be made available physically in its 8 hour entirety for the first time on December 11th, 2015.

Packaged in a beautifully-designed box, this new deluxe release contains 8 CDs and 1 high-definition pure audio Blu-ray disc.

Pre-order the box set here and stream the Mogwai remix of Max Richter’s “Path 5” below.

Trans-Siberean Orchestra - Letters from the Labyrinth

I always “hated” TSO because that was marked, more or less, the “end” of Savatage, which then were put in “hiatus” since the various members attempted either solo album releases that in some cases went well enough and in others were almost complete catastrophes and brought about also a trio of “offshoot” bands that again had varying degrees of success. Savatage did a “reunion” that according to an interview cost them an awful lot to do, while according to others must have brought them a small fortune, as the whole business-model of this “carol” playing show has…

The Wizards Of Winter to release “The Magic of Winter” on November 12th 2015

It is never too early for holiday music! Yuletide rock ensemble The Wizards Of Winter - which features original members of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra - are teaming up with Guitar World to bring you a brand new guitar-driven instrumental track entitled “Flight of the Snow Angels”. Listen to the track below or click here.