Christian metal

Metatrone to release “Eucharismetal” on March 11th 2016

Christian Metal Masters Metatrone have announced the release of their brand new album “Eucharismetal” on March 11th, 2016 via Rockshots Music.

Davide Bruno (keyboards) and Stefano Calvagno (guitar) teamed up with Joe Lombardo (vocals), Dino Fiorenza (bass) & Salvo Grasso (drums) wrote, recorded and produced by themselves the most cohesive sounding Metatrone album to date.

01. Alef Dalet Mem
02. Molokai
03. Beware the Sailor
04. Wheat and Weeds
05. Latest News From Light
06. In Spirit and Truth

Enzo & The Glory Ensemble - In the Name of the Father

It’s funny how Enzo Donnarumma calls his album, “In the Name of the Father”, the most ambitious Christian metal project ever, because of the participation of guests such as Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth), Kobi Farhi (Orphaned Land), Ralph Scheepers (Primal Fear), Mark Zonder (Fates Warning, Warlord ), Gary Wehrkamp and Brian Ashland (Shadow Gallery) and Nicholas Leptos (Warlord).

Sinbreed to release “Master Creator” on February 26th 2016

German power speed metallers Sinbreed have announced the release of their upcoming new album “Master Creator”!

This brand new piece of work includes 10 stunning tracks and will see the light of day on February 26th 2016.

01. Creation of Reality
02. Across the Great Divides
03. Behind a Mask
04. Moonlit Night
05. Master Creator
06. Last Survivor
07. At the Gate
08. The Riddle
09. The Voice
10. On the Run


Stryper - Fallen

Well funnily enough Christians tend to “pollute” every possible musical genre with “goody good artists” that preach the gospel of the lord. For every promiscuous and scantily clad pop star, there will be a conservatively dressed Christian pop star that youngsters could turn to alternatively to avoid being lured and caught in the “clutches” of evil… whatever that is.
Several “Christian” Rockers have come out as atheists or what not or were revealed to be scamming and pretending to be “spiritual”, trying to get a “piece of the action” from their secular counterparts appealing straight to the repressed Christian youth… (ie As I Lay Dying etc)…

Stryper to release “Fallen” on October 16th 2015

Stryper are back to reclaim their throne in the hard rock/heavy metal world with the latest song from their upcoming 9th studio album, “Fallen”. The title track “Fallen” can be heard below.

The original line-up comprised of Michael Sweet (vocals/guitars), Oz Fox (guitars), Tim Gaines (bass) and Robert Sweet (drums) return with an album of all new material showcasing the musicianship that garnered them a huge fan base in the mainstream world and the Christian market.

Sweet & Lynch - Only to Rise

Apparently it must be fun to be Serafino, the label boss of Frontiers records, since he seems able to suggest and convince all sort of weird, sometimes great, sometimes not absolutely successful projects – collaborations and then see them come alive.
Sweet & Lynch as the name should belie, are a band centered around the talents of guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet of Christian hard rockers Stryper and iconic guitarist George Lynch (Lynch Mob, ex-Dokken) along with bassist James Lomenzo (ex-Megadeth, White Lion, Black Label Society) and drummer Brian Tichy (ex-Whitesnakle)

The Skull - For Those Which are Asleep

What I was afraid that would happen with Eric’s other band, Blackfinger, finally happened with The Skull. But let’s take things from the start and say that The Skull is the new band by singer Eric Wagner (ex-Trouble), drummer Jeff “Oly” Olson (ex-Trouble), bassist Ron Holzner (Ex-Trouble, Grave) and guitarists Lothar Keller (Divinity Compromised, Sacred Dawn) and Matt Goldsborough (ex- Pentagram).

Michael Sweet - I’m Not Your Suicide

Michael Sweet returns once more, with yet another solo album and gosh, isn’t this guy, busy... with multiple Stryper projects, just recently completed and behind him for the time being, he also found time to do an autobiography and also record a solo album and he’s also involved in a supergroup as well with a host of some other well-known musicians for “Frontiers” stable... jees.