Work Of Art to release new studio album “Exhibits” on November 8th 2019

Work Of Art have set to release their new album “Exhibits” on November 8th, 2019, via Frontiers Music srl. “Exhibits” has been in the works for more than a year and a half, but will finally get unleashed to the legions of hungry melodic rock fans that this band has enraptured with their first three albums.

The New Roses release music video for new single “Glory Road”

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: “Nothing but Wild” is a love letter to the US, but the song that captures that feeling in the best possible way is The New Roses’ new single “Glory Road”. The song is a hard rock-ballad that touches the heart but still makes you tap your feet along. The song talks about believing in yourself, believing in your dreams and make them reality.

Unruly Child - Big Blue World

Unruly Child has been a band to which vocalist Marcie Free has returned time and again since their 1992 debut (mostly in the downtime from other projects). Back with their original line up since 2010 (but active as a core triad for the most part) they’re now up to the forth release since their reunion. Somehow while not as instantly impressive as the band’s earlier works, this album is still governed by the main principles of their overall sonic essence.

Sweden Rock Festival 2019

Give us a profile of the Sweden Rock Festival
Sofia: Sweden Rock Festival has a 28 year long history of offering a great collection of live rock and metal concerts in the small village of Norje in Southern Sweden. Over the years, we have become known for visitor comfort and excellent service, the unique and friendly atmosphere and for taking extra good care of the bands while they visit us.

The New Roses release new single “Can’t Stop Rock & Roll”

You can’t stop Rock & Roll – a simple yet effective message, especially in modern society. And The New Roses keep proving that Rock & Roll isn’t dead to every single one of us, over and over again. Their newest single fits perfectly into their existing repertoire. Rhythmic guitar riffs and Timmy’s rough voice, that reminds the listener of a mix of outstanding vocalists like Axl Rose and Ronny Van Zant, complete the journey with a modern finish.

Tony Mills - Beyond the Law

Tony Mills was the vocalist of British rockers Shy, for quite a while, was one of the founders of Siam and sung for Serpentine for a few years, substituted for the other Tony (Harnell that is) in TNT over a number of albums that unfortunately did little in the way of maintaining their legacy (not due to his singing however) and has had about half a dozen or so albums since the early 00s.

Sweden Rock Festival 2019 - Day 4

Dog tired, by the fourth day, we arrived a little later than usual, missing, nice Swedish hard glam rockers Dust Bowl Jokies, funky Canadian corpo rockers Danko Jones, as well as the vintage propositions of Jared James Nichols. We got to watch a tiny bit of Electric Boys on the Rock Stage, who were damn fine….

The New Roses release music video for “Down by the River”

German Hard Rockers The New Roses are back to climb the rock Olympus with their fourth studio album “Nothing but Wild” on August 2nd, 2019!

After successful live appearances all over the world, lately opening for KISS, and the invitation to tour with the legendary Scorpions in summer, the four-piece, centered around vocalist/guitarist Timmy Rough is ready to deliver the long awaited follow up for “One for the Road” (2017), which hit the top 20 in Germany.