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Dukes Of The Orient cover
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Dukes Of The Orient to release self-titled debut album on February 23rd 2018

On February 23rd, 2018, Frontiers Music srl will release the self-titled debut album from Dukes Of The Orient! Who is Dukes Of The Orient? Well, it is what you get when you match a Brit from London who loves American AOR with an American from California who grew up on British Prog! Dukes Of The Orient is the masterful pairing of vocalist John Payne (Asia featuring...
Whitesnake North American Tour 2018 poster
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Whitesnake announces new studio album “Flesh & Blood” and Summer 2018 North American Tour with Foreigner

Whitesnake have set to release their new studio album, which is titled “Flesh & Blood”, in early 2018, via Frontiers Music Srl. Whitesnake will celebrate the release of “Flesh & Blood” by embarking on the “Juke Box Heroes Tour” next Summer with Foreigner and Jason Bonham. David Coverdale says: “We are truly...
Foreigner North America Tour 2018 poster
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Foreigner announces Summer 2018 North American Headlining Tour

Foreigner, Whitesnake and Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Evening, are getting into the holiday gift-giving spirit early with the announcement of their 2018 29-city summer “Juke Box Heroes Tour”, produced by Live Nation. Nothing warms up the chilly holiday season like the promise of a hot summer tour, and concert tickets make the perfect gift. The...
Innuendo The Road Not Taken cover
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Innuendo - The Road Not Taken

Arizona’s Innuendo has been around for almost twenty odd years, if not more and in the process has released a number of albums. They’re currently reduced to a core duo of Brett Richey on almost everything and Pat Laferty on vocals, with a couple of musicians on drums and keys mentioned separately (thus probably being session players?). Their last effort...
Rick Springfield The Snake King cover
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Rick Springfield to release new studio album “The Snake King” on January 26th 2018

Grammy winning singer/songwriter Rick Springfield is releasing his new album “The Snake King” on January 26th, 2018, on the Frontiers Music Srl label. Hear the first single, “Little Demon” below. Pre-order the album here. Rick, not for the first time in his career, has thrown a curveball that surprises and absolutely delights at the same...
Cats In Space Scarecrow cover
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Cats In Space - Scarecrow

I was surprised, scratch that, amazed, when I heard the debut album by UK sextet Cats In Space, who feature in their ranks a number of seasoned musicians who had success in decades past but only came together a couple of years ago to form this new band. Taking only a year they came up with an equally amazing album as their debut, if not better. Their 70s classic...
Robin Beck Love is Coming cover
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Robin Beck - Love is Coming

It would be easy to dismiss Robin Beck as a one hit wonder, as the know it all purveyors of “classic rock” do labeling her “that coca cola song”-chick… but that would be also overlooking that she did top the charts on both sides of the Atlantic and while she never quite repeated that, she’s released some eleven albums in her...
The Poodles Prisma cover
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The Poodles to release new studio album “Prisma” on January 26th 2018

The Poodles are back with “Prisma” the follow-up to the critically acclaimed album “Devil in the Details”!   The Poodles have released seven full-length studio albums and one live album over the past ten years and had discussed the possibility of doing an album featuring songs from other artists for several years. They finally decided...
Revolution Saints Light in the Dark cover
Submitted by thanos on Sun, 11/12/2017 - 01:24 / Reviews - Comments

Revolution Saints - Light in the Dark

I remember I had been quite excited with the specific “super-group” a couple of years ago when they released their debut album. Taking my enormous love for Journey with Steve Perry as granted, I saw this project as an appetizer to ease my thirst. Anyhow, the debut was a good release in general, but without containing any “big hits”....
Pink Cream 69 Headstrong cover
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Pink Cream 69 - Headstrong

I must admit that I found the last PC69 album, 2012’s “Ceremonial”, to be a little underwhelming… just a bit like the first couple of Readman albums that felt transitional and didn’t manage to shake off the ghost of Andi Deris’ departure, until “Electrified” that really managed to show a Readman fronted version of...