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Nik Turner Life in Space cover
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Nik Turner to release new studio album “Life in Space” on September 29th 2017

The Return Of The Thunder Rider! Hawkwind co-founder Nik Turner teleports back to Earth with a brand new album, “Life in Space”, to be released on September 29th, 2017, via Purple Pyramid Records. The album features some of Nik's most mature songs in years including the emotional opener “End of the World”, featuring a special guest...
Tangerine Dream Quantum Gate cover
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Tangerine Dream to release new studio album “Quantum Gate” on September 29th 2017

Kscope are extremely proud to be releasing the new studio album from Tangerine Dream, entitled “Quantum Gate”, on September 29th, 2017, coinciding and celebrating the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the band. Tangerine Dream have been a fundamental influence on electronic and progressive music since their formation in West Berlin, 1967. Inspiring...
Project Mama Earth Mama Earth EP cover
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Project Mama Earth to release debut EP “Mama Earth” on November 10th 2017

Preparation is overrated. Impulse is everything. Such was the rebellious wisdom that drove the sessions for Project Mama Earth’s astonishing debut EP. In June 2017, five world-renowned musicians met in Devon England for a high-wire act unique in modern music. They had no songs. No chord charts. No game plan. No safety net. Nothing, in fact, but a plan to...
Bjørn Riis Forever Comes to an End cover
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Bjørn Riis - Forever Comes to an End

Bjørn Riis, the mastermind of the Norwegian atmospheric rock band Airbag, returns with his sophomore solo release, 3 years after his debut. It is true that Bjørn has “mastered” the art of atmospheric emotional music all these years as he has been “taught” by the best of the best – Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons, Porcupine Tree...
Daniel Cavanagh Monochrome cover
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Daniel Cavanagh to release new solo album “Monochrome” on October 13th 2017

Riding the waves of his success with Anathema’s latest album “The Optimist”, which includes a worldwide headline tour, multiple summer music festivals and an Album of the Year nomination for the 2017 Progressive Music Awards, the band’s driving force, Daniel Cavanagh has set to release his new solo album, “Monochrome” on October...
Hawkwind Into the Woods cover
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Hawkwind - Into the Woods

Hawkwind return only a year after “The Machine Stops” with the 30th album “Into the Woods”. But what prompted such a quick follow up, after an album that did seem to rejuvenate Dave Brock and his cosmic buddies? I suppose the lineup responsible for the previous album felt quite nicely bouncing ideas of each other and the ensuing tour only did...
68creep Goodnight, Sweet Betty cover
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68creep to release debut full-length album “Goodnight, Sweet Betty” on September 22nd 2017

NYC outfit 68creep have announced their debut LP “Goodnight, Sweet Betty” and are teasing the album’s first single “Black Cat”.   It says a lot about an artist when those trying to catch their essence in a witty sound bite move from being concise and descriptive into the realm of high literary art. Any band that can be...
Prawn Run cover
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Prawn to release new studio album “Run” on September 22nd 2017

Prawn’s magnetism has always come from the textures they produce. Drawing as much influence from post-rock and punk as the emo world they’re often written in to, the Ridgewood quartet have released two full-length albums, two EPs, and three splits since their 2008 formation - and make their return this year with a new record, “Run”, which is...
Crackhouse Be No One. Be Nothing cover
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Crackhouse to release new studio album “Be No One. Be Nothing” on October 6th 2017

French Doom Sludgers Crackhouse reveal cover artwork and tracklist of their forthcoming album, made of three long songs of slamming riffs and massive sonorities. “Be No One. Be Nothing” is the natural follow-up to their recent and critically acclaimed self titled ep, and it captures the band at its very best with a sound briefly comparable to the works...
Rosetta North American Tour 2017 poster
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Rosetta announces Fall 2017 North American Tour

Rosetta are excited to announce that in October they are hitting the road in the western USA and Canada in support of their new album “Utopioid” (out September 1st), once again with their longtime friends North. More shows to be added in the coming days. Hope to see many of you out there. The poster was made by Mike Wohlberg, tFk! Prints are available...