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Scout Killers UK Tour 2015 poster
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Scout Killers announce August 2015 UK Tour

Britain's fast rising epic alternative rock outfit Scout Killers reveal dates of their headlining August UK tour 2015.   The Bath (UK) based 5 piece shall be bringing their emotive brand of guitar driven rock to stages across the UK with support from emerging acts - Filthy Palms, Blitzkrieg City and Blame Fate.   UK Tour 2015: 3rd August -...
Shabda Pharmakon/Pharmakos cover
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Shabda to release “Pharmakon/Pharmakos” on September 7th 2015

“Pharmakon / Pharmakos” is the third album by Shabda, a year after the highly acclaimed psychic journey of Tummo. Voluntary hermits established in the rural countryside of Canavese, Piedmont, they fulfill, with this work, a rite of foundation, emanating their blanket of dense droning sound to link distant yet compatible musical mythologies. The two...
Tim Bowness photo
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Tim Bowness announces live dates for 2015 & launches “Press Reset” lyric video

Tim Bowness recently announced the release of his third solo album, “Stupid Things That Mean the World”, for release on the 17th July 2015 and he can now confirm the first live dates in support of it. Two UK dates have been confirmed as well as an appearance at Polish festival Ino Rock. Support on the two UK shows comes from Improvizone. The full...
Område Edari cover
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Område - Edari

Område is a French duo which has a Swedish name and consists of Christophe Denhez (aka Bargnatt Xlx) on vocals & guitar and Jean-Philippe Quamer (aka Arsenic) on drums, bass, guitar & electronics. “Edari” is the duo’s debut release.   First of all, those who are not open-minded or do not fancy weird music amalgamations had...
Helfir Still Bleeding cover
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Helfir - Still Bleeding

Helfir is a new music project, which serves as a “shelter” for the dark & atmospheric ideas of Luca Mazzotta (NID). “Still Bleeding” can easily be regarded (or is it?) Luca’s debut solo album too. Everything here has been played & arranged by Luca himself apart from the drums on five tracks which were played by the drummers...
Preacher Signals cover
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Preacher - Signals

Preacher is a Scottish 8-piece band which was formed in 2007. “Signals” is the band’s debut which had been in the making for almost 7 years and it has quite a “strange” story behind it. The band’s mastermind, vocalist & guitarist Martin Murphy suffered a severe stroke almost 7 years ago. All this near death experience made...
Riverland Spring EP cover
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Riverland to release “Spring” EP on June 5th 2015

Nature inspired acoustic prog rock from Finland called Riverland releasing their new EP “Spring” EP on June 5th 2015 via Secret Entertainment. The EP features four atmospheric songs influenced by anything from modern pop to early progressive rock and psychedelia. The EP, titled “Spring”, will be released through Secret Entertainment and is...
Dale Simmons photo
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Hi Dale, welcome to Grande Rock. Please tell us when and under which circumstances the band, Exovex, took shape.   D: Sure… and thanks for the warm welcome. Exovex has been evolving for a long time, but the idea really began to take shape about three years ago. For the better part of my songwriting life I’ve written songs that fit the persona...
Exovex Radio Silence
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Exovex - Radio Silence

Exovex is a new prog rock band which was formed by the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dale Simmons. Following the music path of bands like Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree and so on, Dale has released a debut which is full of enthralling, refined and atmospheric tracks. Still the more rockin’ moments are there to offer a variation on the album. The...
Tim Bowness Stupid Things That Mean the World cover
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Tim Bowness reveals the cover art of “Stupid Things That Mean the World”

A year on from the acclaimed “Abandoned Dancehall Dreams”, Tim Bowness returns with the powerful and eclectic “Stupid Things That Mean the World”, his third solo album. Scheduled for release in July, the album was recorded between October 2014 and April 2015 at various studios, including NAM. Tim had this to say about the new album:...