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Les Friction band pic
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Les Friction

Hi Evan, so glad to have you on Grande Rock for once more. First of all, congrats on the new Les Friction album “Dark Matter”… it’s very atmospheric, inspired, and intense on the whole.   E: Thank you, Thanos! The emotions are always from a very real and vulnerable place. That provides the power to fuel the story and layout of any...
Sonic Tool Box A Space in Time cover
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Sonic Tool Box - A Space in Time

Sonic Tool Box is primarily the effort of a duo of Danish musicians, who go back some way. You see, Lars Boutrup and Michael Miller first played in the Danish rock band Simcess (84-92) that came to some prominence locally. After the band spilt up, Boutrup continued in other bands like Sing Sing, Supernova and Jeep, while Michael started working as a sound engineer...
Major Parkinson Blackbox cover
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Major Parkinson - Blackbox

This Norwegian band with the “strange” name, which also plays kinda “weird” music, is back with their new, fourth, studio album, three years after their previous one “Twilight Cinema”. Those who are aware of the band know what to expect in a way, at least… but those who haven’t heard of them before will be totally...
Wingfield Reuter Sirkis Lighthouse cover
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Wingfield Reuter Sirkis - Lighthouse

When I first saw the names of this release I instantly thought of “The Stone House” album which was released early in February 2017; this time one musician, the bassist Stavi, is missing and the four have become a trio. As the press release says, “The Stone House” was released first but was actually recorded second during a marathon six-day...
The Contortionist North American Tour 2018 poster
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The Contortionist announces Spring 2018 North American Tour

The Contortionist have added more U.S. tour dates for next year in continued support of their new LP, “Clairvoyant”, this time a long run for the Spring of 2018. Support will come from Silent Planet, Skyharbor, and Strawberry Girls. The tour kicks off on March 4th at Cornerstone in Berkely, CA and stretches coast to coast before wrapping up at home in...
Gleb Kolyadin cover
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Gleb Kolyadin to release self-titled debut album on February 23rd 2018

Following the success of two highly-praised albums with Iamthemorning, Russian virtuoso pianist Gleb Kolyadin affirms his musical authority with his debut, self-titled album on Kscope. The record features a staggering who’s-who of performers, including: Gavin Harrison (King Crimson, Porcupine Tree) on drums; Nick Beggs (Steven Wilson) on bass; Theo Travis (...
Miracle The Strife of Love in a Dream cover
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Miracle to release new studio album “The Strife of Love in a Dream” on February 16th 2018

This is the union of two artists with rich and unique trajectories in music. Steve Moore as one half of the progressive post-rock duo Zombi, composer of contemporary horror soundtracks including The Guest and The Mind’s Eye and solo producer of masterful synthesizer music cruising the hinterland of new-age kosmische, galactic disco and bakelite infused techno...
Bjørn Riis Coming Home mini-album cover
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Bjørn Riis to release mini-album “Coming Home” on February 20th 2018

With two critically acclaimed solo albums already to his name, Airbag co-founder, songwriter and lead guitarist Bjørn Riis will kick off 2018 in style with the release of a mini-album on Karisma Records in February. Titled “Coming Home”, the five-track album will include a newly recorded semi-acoustic version of the title track from Bjorn’...
Long Distance Calling Boundless cover
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Long Distance Calling to release new studio album “Boundless” on February 2nd 2018

German instrumental rock powerhouse Long Distance Calling have announced the release of their sixth studio album “Boundless” for February 2nd, 2018. Following the release of two albums that saw the band exploring the addition of vocals to their sound, the band have gone back to basics and created a purely instrumental record. The band comments:...
Nothing More & The Contortionist US Tour 2018 poster
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The Contortionist announces February/March 2018 US Tour with Nothing More

The Contortionist have announced a new batch of tour dates supporting Nothing More early next year. The trek kicks off in Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday, February 3rd at The Metroplex. The tour brings the band from coast to coast before wrapping up in Sacramento, California at the legendary Ace of Spades on Saturday, March 3rd. “We're very happy to...