alternative metal

In Flames - Siren Charms

I remember how this band used to be on its prime. A true extreme metal powerful act from Sweden, ready to take on the world. The years passed by and In Flames “evolved” for the better or for the worse… that lies in the eye of the beholder.

Scream Your Name to release “Face to Face” on October 24th 2014

Yeah, we know, Swiss people ought to be sober-minded, comfy, perhaps a little rural. But what does that even mean? As if every Brit would devour his afternoon tea, as if every German would feed on a diet of potatoes and sauerkraft entirely.
Scream Your Name, after all, have a very distinct conception of what they want to be. This turns out to be loud, wild and brimful with emotions – and is not neccessarily connected to any stupid cliché.

Malrun - Two Thrones

Right before the release of their third full-length album, Malrun came across a major issue. Their vocalist Jacob Loebner – with his “trademark harsh/clean vocals” – is no longer part of the band. That’s certainly a thorny issue for the band. The official statement was “incompatible differences” – whatever that may mean! Anyhow the band has a specific plan to follow, so they moved on rapidly and announced their new vocalist Nicklas Sonne. I do not know how this album would have been with Nicklas on vocals but it would definitely have been somehow different from this one in a way.

Coal Chamber signs with Napalm Records

Napalm Records is pleased to announce the signing of Los Angeles, California’s Coal Chamber, a band that stood as leaders at the forefront of new genres, constantly reinventing their sound and not fitting any mold except their own. With sold out tours, and millions of records sold, Coal Chamber owned the Scene from the mid nineties until their tumultuous breakup in May of 2002.  Now they have returned to take their place at the top where they once were and intend to be there for years to come. Call it what you want, “The Return”, “The Second Coming of”, but no matter what you call it, be prepared Coal Chamber to rule again.

Nonpoint - The Return on September 26th 2014

Nonpoint are set to release their eighth studio album, “The Return”, on September 26/29 via Metal Blade Records (excluding North America). After 17 years in the game, the Florida quintet sustains the same energy that sparked its foundation back in 1997. The riffs crack with intensity, the bass and drums forge an unmatched groove, and the vocals rapidly recount stories of pain and perseverance. “The Return” remains as raw, ripping, and real as these musicians – Elias Soriano [vocals], Robb Rivera [drums], Rasheed Thomas [guitar], Adam Woloszyn [bass] and B.C. Kochmit [guitar] – get.

Saliva - Rise Up

This is the ninth full length album by Memphis, TN alternative metal band Saliva. However this time something big is different. Josey Scott is out and Bobby Amaru is in as the lead singer. Saliva may have started out with a much more nu-metal sound (mind you that was back in 1997), but they’ve long since taken a turn for modern hard rock, post-grunge and rap metal paths similar to bands like Drowning Pool, Papa Roach, 3 Doors Down and Sevendust.