Twisted Tower Dire - Wars in the Unknown

If not for anything else, you have to give it to Twisted Tower Dire for being persistent. While they’ve gone through as many lineup shifts as any band that’s been around for a quarter of a century or so, (some voluntary and some not so, ie the death of Tony Taylor), they have persevered and through thick and thin have kept releasing albums that have been consistent.

Ghost Ship Octavius - Delirium

Ghost Ship Octavius arrived on the scene a few years ago, without making much of a noise, as their independently released eponymous and quite brilliant debut album, was conveniently lost and buried in the sea of mediocre releases that the well-established labels seem to flood the scene with, being too straightforward for the prog nerds and too eclectic for the troo crowd.

Flotsam And Jetsam - The End of Chaos

Flotsam And Jetsam have been around for almost 35 years and they got the scars and the albums to show for it… and while they never were able to break into the mainstream in a big way, they more than one gave up musicians that joined the likes of other larger thrash bands, with Jason Newsted, who jumped over to join the good ship Metallica, before it started sucking, being the primary example. Unfortunately they now have lost drummer Jason Bittner to New Jersey metallers Overkill. So be it.

Metal Church - Damned If You Do

Metal Church since getting Mike Howe back and despite some slight setbacks, ie losing their previous drummer only to have former WASP-man Stet Howland stepping in, have managed a neat hat trick with their latest release “Damned If You Do” following up on the heels of the pretty cool “XI” with aplomb.

Flight - A Leap Through Matter

Hotter than an expeditiously raging, full-tilt and inferno-bound, disintegrating asteroid is Norway’s Flight, a wickedly fleeting and original “1970s proto-metal” sounding quartet from Oslo which, three years following an idiosyncratically received – not to mention wholly innocuous – namesake debut, slickly turned around with an absolute stunner of a science-fiction conceived sophomore full-length audaciously catalogued as “A Leap Through Matter” (under the ubiquitously great High Roller Records), while featuring eight inter-woven, if not co-dependent

Jason Becker - Triumphant Hearts

Jason Becker has finally released “Triumphant Hearts”, an album that was written in his mind and he waited to make it real with the help of all his friends, known and unknown; from the most famed up to the utmost unknown one… they all played their role on this album and that’s what matters the most… people’s love and support can make anything possible!

The Windmill - Tribus

I had been looking forward to The Windmill’s new album for some time now, but the years were passing by and nothing was happening. They finally released “Tribus” 5 years after the exceptional “The Continuation”, and they proved once more that it’s better to “speak” when you have something to say than do it with no reason.

Bad Touch - Shake a Leg

Only two years after their successful “Truth Be Told” and numerous live shows, Bad Touch are back with a new studio album titled “Shake a Leg”. Even though the band was formed in 2010, they have gained much fame with their live shows and the hit singles that they have released all these years.

Freedom Hawk - Beast Remains

Liberally soaring out of the Old Dominion is Freedom Hawk with its latest, fifth full-length release (under Ripple Music), “Beast Remains”, an ineluctably hard-driving and gripping stoner metal offering comprised of eight loosely rocking yet laser precise tracks spanning close to forty minutes and joyfully bringing to mind a pumped-up and catchy cross between Fireball Ministry and Kyuss, while portentously evoking scorched desert vistas as well as debonair, non-committal cruising vibes in a similar vein as Red Hot Chili Peppers in its heyday i.e. the mid 90s (insert rabidly flipping and massively contented emoj here!).