Best of Month

State Of Salazar - Superhero

State Of Salazar made their breakthrough with the release of their debut “All the Way”, back in 2014. After that, it’s been about 4 years since we heard some new stuff from the band… and as the lead singer Marcus Nygren told me (read more here), there were reasons out of their hands that kept them away for such a long period.

Voices From The Fuselage - Odyssey: The Founder of Dreams

After the debut release “Odyssey: The Destroyer of Worlds” in 2015, it was about time for Voices From The Fuselage to come up with their new album that is titled “Odyssey: The Founder of Dreams”. On the one hand we have “the destroyer of worlds” and on the other “the founder of dreams”. Quite interesting as both titles, according to Ashe, describe the same person and a continued experience. The titles can be applied to anyone, but you can read more here.

Sirenia - Arcane Astral Aeons

Sirenia, a shining star in the Nordic symphonic gothic metal world, released their ninth album “Arcane Astral Aeons” through Napalm Records. I fell in love with this album when I first listened to it before interviewing Morten, on their latest tour. The dark fantasy style lyrics were brought to life by beautiful vocalist Emmanuelle Zoldan, complementing the rhythm and symphonic guitars and mystical keyboard.

The Pineapple Thief - Dissolution

Bruce Soord did a checkmate move when he added ta charismatic drummer Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree, King Crimson) on the band’s line-up on their previous album “Your Wilderness” that was released in 2016. It was a matter of time for Gavin to contribute to the songwriting and he did so on the new album “Dissolution”. That thing showcased that Bruce is not an egocentric songwriter and that he is open-minded when it comes to the band’s own good.

Kissin’ Dynamite - Ecstasy

Sometimes a change is for the good and other times it is not. It depends on certain reasons each time. This time Kissin’ Dynamite hit the spot by signing to Metal Blade Records, one of the biggest metal labels globally. I think that the whole thing worked for their own benefit since they also released their best album to date, in my opinion.

Tremonti - A Dying Machine

Recently Mark Tremonti released his fourth solo album “A Dying Machine”. For fans of his other band Alter Bridge and those that have listened to his solo work, you have a good idea what you’re in for. For those that aren’t familiar with him, this is a hell of an entry point into the world that Mark Tremonti has created for himself, as this is to date his most ambitious effort. Unlike the rest of his catalog, this is a concept album, and an accompanying book is in the works as well.