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Desolation Angels King cover
Submitted by rockavlon on Mon, 09/11/2017 - 00:02 / Reviews - Comments

Desolation Angels - King

Desolation Angels have remained a highly obscure and quite unique band in the NWOBHM subgenre that despite having released little in ways of albums (a couple one on LP the other cassette only) did manage to make their name quite respected.   After having a box set released commemorating the times past their debut, which was privately re-released by the band...
Arch Enemy Will to Power cover
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Arch Enemy - Will to Power

One has to give it to Arch Enemy for sticking through thick and thin and actually becoming successful, by inventing the death metal with “Chick singer” genre and popularizing it through shitty magazines.   The band was a fairly valid death metal one with Liiva on vocals and became pretty inconsistent when Gossow entered its ranks, but also...
Mark Slaughter Halfway There cover
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Mark Slaughter - Halfway There

Obviously Mark Slaughter had made quite a name for himself, either as the singer in Vinnie Vincent’s Invasion, a writer, singer and instrumentalist that collaborated with many and of course – despite the rise of Grunge in the 90s with Slaughter… so he was one of the pivotal “guys” in that scene right after the “superstars...
Manilla Road To Kill a King cover
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Manilla Road - To Kill a King

With some eighteen albums Manilla Road have been toiling since the late 70s and releasing albums since 1980, predictably, taking a dirt nap in the early 90s due to the rise of grunge and resurfacing post millennially with Brian Patrick on vocals and more lately the German drummer, from a Roxxcalibur and every band that plays at KIT and is in need of one, Andreas...
Cradle Of Filth Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness of Decay cover
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Cradle Of Filth - Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness of Decay

Cradle Of Filth, on their fourteenth studio release, continue to do what they’ve been doing for the past quarter of a century… that is performing symphonic, polyphonic, lyrically challenging, awfully sung, extreme gothic/black metal in a way that they did more or less invent and popularized along with very few contemporaries, most of whom have fallen...
Dynamite Big Bang cover
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Dynamite - Big Bang

Dynamite is a Swedish hard rock quartet that’s largely copying AC/DC with a few twists and turns along their way; on their third album, they have collaborated with famous producer/songwriter Andreas Carlsson (Paul Stanley, Bon Jovi, Europe, Def Leppard), who co-wrote much of it with them…   On paper all is good, but in reality you get some...
Pokerface - Game On cover
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Pokerface - Game On

Pokerface is a Russian quintet that it billed as thrashers, who basically had both their guitarists and singer replaced after a tour in 2016 and losing little time are back with another album… which surprisingly enough not only capitalizes on their debut, but with the aid of the new members surpasses it on many levels.   Firstly, their new singer (...
Hinder The Reign cover
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Hinder - The Reign

Hinder burst into the scene many years ago, and in their sixteen years of existence, including a rather long hiatus during which their original singer Austin Winkler left to pursue a solo career “that hasn’t quite gotten off” and the band had to wait, until they found Marshal Dutton to take over… thing is, the replacement may have...
Kryptonite cover
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Kryptonite - Kryptonite

Oh boy, yet another of those Frankenstein bands was assembled somewhere in the offices of Frontiers Records somewhere in south Italy, by none other than the label’s boss and the ever present, writer, producer, keyboard player Alessandro Del Vecchio. Focused on Swedish talent they plucked the talented Jakob Samuel (The Poodles, Talisman) and his former “...
Wraith Revelation cover
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Wraith - Revelation

Wraith is a bit of a bizarre case; you know one of those melodic hard rock bands with a pretty metallic edge that also happened to be British… a handful really of bands that sprung out in the tail end of the 80s inspired by the “hair metal” phenomena, only arriving a few years later in the scene, for the most part; they did tour with “...