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Demon Eye Prophecies and Lies cover
Submitted by rockavlon on Sat, 10/14/2017 - 23:19 / Reviews - Comments

Demon Eye - Prophecies and Lies

This band, not to be confused with a similarly named German band fronted by Doogie White and sounding like a deadpan copy of Deep Purple, is also a retro 70s loving one, but closer to the Sabbath school of things.   Them and every other “retro” loving doom clone out there, I hear you say… well yes and no. The point is that most people take...
Serious Black Magic cover
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Serious Black - Magic

Serious Black are a bit of an international supergroup that started when the former bassist of VOA asked ex Helloween guitarist Roland Grapow if he was interested in collaborating and together with former Blind Guardian drummer Thomen Stauch and Tad Morose’s former vocalist and general weirdo Urban Breed, and Jan Vacik on keys, decided to form Serious Black,...
Marilyn Manson Heaven Upside Down cover
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Marilyn Manson - Heaven Upside Down

The point with a guy like Marilyn Manson is that once upon a time he managed to sock with an extreme look and controversial actions and videos, almost as many covers of well-known pop hits as original hits and a general vibe of “weird” that the disenfranchised post millennial youth seemed to associate with. In a society that turn more and more towards...
H.E.A.T Into the Great Unknown cover
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H.E.A.T - Into the Great Unknown

H.E.A.T, the Swedish melodic whimp-rock champions, have gone through lots of ups and downs with lots of members going in and out, while the band has managed to stick together through thick and thin, while still releasing albums rather frequently and touring them to exhaustion.   After a rather unspectacular, but still with its moments fourth album in “...
Jay Ray Self-Resonance cover
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Jay Ray - Self-Resonance

Jay Ray is a solo artist, DJ/Remixer etc., from Finland, who used to be in bands prior to launching a solo career some five years ago. He’s got a few soft releases to his name including a remix of a Serj Tankian song, which Tankian himself signaled out in a competition as a winner, as well as more recently when during the summer Poets Of The Fall,vocalist...
Janet Gardner cover
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Janet Gardner - Janet Gardner

Janet Gardner was and is, since the band resumed using that name, the lead singer of Vixen, an all-female band that almost made it “big” in the tail end of the 80s and early 90s with a 1-2 of great albums, but saw their popularity fizzling out shortly after the release of a rather “different” third album, that tried to update the sound to...
Evil Invaders Feed Me Violence cover
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Evil Invaders - Feed Me Violence

Evil Invaders have been around for quite a while now, actually about a decade having a couple of EPs and now a sophomore album to account for all these year plus a fair few live performances under their belt; their style reminiscent of the Canadian thrashers like Exciter and Razor (their name is but an album of the latter) but also Zetro era Exodus and also maybe...
Drakkar Diabolical Empathy cover
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Drakkar - Diabolical Empathy

This Drakkar, not to be confused with the more popular Italian power metallers, is a Belgium based combo that has existed since 1983, releasing an album at the tail end of that decade before going in hiatus for about a decade. They made a brief comeback in the late 90s that didn’t wield more than a demo and the latest effort was their reunion to re-release...
Dirty Thrills Heavy Living
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Dirty Thrills - Heavy Living

Dirty Thrills is a British quartet in hypsteric regalia that was born after a drunk jam and prays to the collective altars of Zeppelin, Bad Company and whatever else was hip in the 70s. There’s no shortage of retro-lusting revivalists, most of whom have faded back into obscurity after a few albums (ie The Answer, who failed to capitalize on an arena tour...
Marc Vanderberg Highway Demon cover
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Marc Vanderberg - Highway Demon

Hot on the heels of “Devil May Care” comes “Highway Demon” the sophomore effort from German neoclassical loving guitarist, Marc Vanderberg.   Improving on all areas, from his debut, chiefly the mix and consistency, after ditching multiple vocalists in favor of a permanent one by the name of Raphael Gazal, who seems to be doing a fair...