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Wrathchild STAKKATTAKKTWO cover artwork 2011
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This band has a lot of history background… it was formed back in 1980 and was one of the first glam/sleaze metal bands… unfortunately they managed to release only 3 studio albums (“Trash Queens” is a compilation of the “Do You Want My Love?” single, the “Stackheel Strutt” EP, and three live tracks). The last album...
Shy cover artwork 2011
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Shy - Shy

Six have passed years since the band’s last album “Sunset & Vine”, two basic members left Shy… the vocalist Tony Mills to focus on TNT and the rhythm guitarist Ian Richardson. That was probably the reason why it took Shy so long to release a new album. The singer choice was of vital importance for the band… as it is for all the...
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Coastland Ride - On Top Of The World

Coastland Ride is a Swedish band that was formed back in 1997 and several years after (in 2003) the guys managed to release their debut album which was simply titled “Coastland Ride”. I do not know why it took them 8 years to release the follower of their debut but in the meantime they changed label and signed with the German Avenue Of Allies....
Riot Immortal Soul cover
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Riot - Immortal Soul

This is a dream come true… this is indeed a huge “reunion”… metalheads from all over the world were praying for something like this for years. Thankfully, our prayers were answered and the “classic” Riot line-up of all time is together again. It doesn’t matter that there’s only a member left from the original band,...
Cage Supremacy of Steel cover
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Cage - Supremacy of Steel

I was expecting Cage’s new album ‘cause I wasn’t really satisfied with the last albums of the band… although “Darker Than Black” was a great album and was praised by the press and the fans of heavy metal music back in 2003… the next releases of the band couldn’t maintain the same high standards. I was quite...
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Korn - The Path Of Totality

Among others… Korn released their 10th studio album… many albums indeed… for a band that has offered music nothing in general. Moreover, “The Path Of Totality” is an “experimental” album… where the band expands its musical borders and embellishes its sound with dubstep and electronic elements. An “...
Nickelback Here And Now cover
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Nickelback - Here And Now

Many people might get hot under the collar when they see the rating, in that various songs of this album have been on top positions in the UK Rock Chart. Yet, the reason why there has been so much fuss around the album totally eludes me… it is just another good work made by Nickelback, but nothing exceptional or of supreme intricacy. Chad Kroeger possesses a...
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Chris Ousey - Rhyme & Reason

Chris is presenting his first solo album… after 25 years that he has been on the rock scene and having participated in bands like Virginia Wolf, The Distance and Heartland. He is well known to the fans of hard rock, melodic rock and AOR music… he has this raspy/rockin’ characteristic voice… that’s hard to forget. Accompanied by...
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Beggars & Thieves - We Are The Brokenhearted

They were away for more than 10 years… they reunited (like several other bands), in 2010, to play at Firefest in Nottingham, England. In the meantime they took it more seriously and wanted to go further – not to stay only on a good live event. So, the masterminds of B&T (Louie Merlino - vocals & Ronnie Mancuso - guitars) brought Blake Newman...
Venom Fallen Angels cover
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Venom - Fallen Angels

Album number 13 for Vemon… a number that’s considered “lucky” by those who are not superstitious… and “bad” by those who are following the religious ethics. Once again the band has some line-up changes as Antton Lant left the group and he was replaced by the drummer Danny “Dante” Needham.   Afar from...